Pinterest Affiliate Explosion

Apr 7, 2018
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For years I’ve tested hundreds of different ideas for promoting affiliate links. Most have been horrible flops (which is why I know what doesn’t work!) while others have become consistently reliable tools in my affiliate marketing tool box.

Sometimes I set myself a challenge by striving for the seemingly impossible such as….

“Can I find an easy way to do affiliate marketing without building a website?”

It’s the whole “building a website” process that can really slow us down AND it costs money.

You have to get a domain name (money), you have to set up a hosting account (usually costs money), you have to figure out how to get WordPress on the site, you might have to deal with getting hacked if you don’t add sufficient security to your website, you have to choose a theme (sometimes costs money), you have to configure the WordPress theme, you have to write content (or outsource the writing – which costs money), share that content on social media sites and hope that Google will eventually send you some traffic.

Now, I’m not knocking that process – it’s one of the core methods of affiliate marketing that I use myself.

However, not everyone has the patience, knowledge, or time to even try – hence, the challenge to find another way. I want everyone who wants to make money as an affiliate marketer (YOU!) to find a way that works for them.

If you could cut out all of that time and money and just start throwing affiliate links on some other site that already has traffic it would be such a huge relief and a great savings of both time and money!

And – yes – Pinterest is just the place to do this!

Pinterest has a massive, active set of members. Pinterest allows affiliate links. People BUY things they see on Pinterest. You can get a lot of attention on Pinterest in a very short amount of time. Best of all – you get to skip Google entirely.

Where else can you get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of viewers every month for free WITHOUT WRITING?

I’ve done it and I can show you how to do the same!

It’s going to take some time on your part but it’s the EASIEST kind of work imagineable. All you have to do is find and share the right kinds of things on Pinterest in the right way.

That’s what you’re going to learn in this package. You CAN NOT just start pinning things randomly to Pinterest and make this work…especially since Pinterest has made a TON of changes in the past few months.

Instead, you’ve got to follow a very strategic plan.

But can product pins (especially affiliate link pins) get attention on Pinterest? YOU BET!

Below is a pin from two and a half years ago that has had plenty of attention. That pin has been seen 2308 times, 1730 people have clicked on it to take a closer look (Closeups), 231 people clicked the link to visit the retailer’s site (Clicks) and 347 people repinned the image to one of their own boads on Pinterest (Saves).

SALE PAGE | Price: $60

Pinterest Affiliate Explosion: Videos, PDFs | Size: 8 MB


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