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May 21, 2018
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The No-Cost Guide to Getting Free Traffic From Podcast Guesting
The Simple Guide to Leverage Guest Podcasting for Growth
By Richie Norton with John Lee Dumas
Free Quick Start Cheat Sheet with Checklist Includes Exactly What You Need To Know About Reaching Your Ideal Audience and Getting High-Quality Leads From Podcast Guesting
This 28-page ebook is jam-packed with a simple strategy to leverage podcasts for greater reach and business growth. Here’s a what’s included:
  • Why Podcasts are Important and Why You Need to be a Podcast Guester
    The top 5 incredible podcast industry facts and statistics that prove that you’re missing a MASSIVE opportunity to reach your ideal audience if you’re not podcast guesting (and it’s free and evergreen).
  • What John Lee Dumas and other Top Podcasters Want From Guests
    John Lee Dumas and Richie Norton surveyed about 100 or so top podcasters from around the world and inside are the results. Including answers to questions like, “What bothers podcasters about their guests?” and “What does the ideal guest for a podcaster look like?”
  • Five Top Ways to Become a Podcast Guester
    Based on the podcasters’ responses, this guide shares the top five ways to become a guest on any interview-style podcast show.
  • How to Get Free Traffic From a Podcast Guest Show
    Just because you are a guest on a podcast, doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically make a bunch of money or get a ton of new followers. There is a better way than “podcast, post and pray.”
  • Case Studies from Podcast Guesters who Achieved Success After Only One Show
    Learn how a digital marketer made nearly $100,000 within three months of his podcast guest show going live from a single offer he made on air. Also, learn how a contractor received dozens of leads and made thousands of dollars by leveraging his show as a guest podcaster
  • Case Study from Bestselling author Richie Norton
    Insights into how Richie Norton started guest podcasting and how podcast guesting works for his businesses.
  • The Essential Podcast Guesting Checklist
    The 10 things you must do to begin the journey to becoming a podcast guest master.
Download Your FREE 28-Page Podcast Guest Master Guide to Spread Your Message, Create a Movement and Get High-Quality Leads
The No-Cost Guide to Getting Free Traffic From Podcast Guesting
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Why You Need this Podcast Guesting Guide Now

“Closing up last month with about $300k in bookings. Good month. No ads. Not one. I want to do ads, but I’m just working another strategy that seems to be working.

It’s called…podcasts. I’m not a podcaster, but as I looked back on last month, I realized that about 80% of my bookings came from people who had HEARD me on a podcast.

Wanna learn how you can be a podcast guest, rock the mic and monetize your message?”

Richie Norton

That was the email I wrote after I figured out that the majority of my leads and business was coming from podcast guesting. It really was a revelation to me and I wanted to ask my readers if they wanted to learn how to do it too. They did. Like crazy.

So I’ve created this powerful ebook, an action guide, to help you start the process of becoming a podcast guest master.

If you apply the principles in this guide and continue to stay on message, you will see incredible results.


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Podcast Guest Mastery : Videos, PDFs | Size:4.5GB


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