Profit from FB – 2 Minute Social Media Celebrity System

May 4, 2017
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You’ll quickly become a celebrity on Facebook and in your niche. You’ll start getting tagged in statuses, get amazing testimonials and endorsements, and become instantly recognized in every group and social circle you’re a part of.
You’re going to build a huge responsive network of clients, referral partners, and people willing to either swap services or volunteer their expertise to you for free. (As my network has grown, I’ve gotten more and more requests from people who are willing to help me grow my business because they recognize the influence I have in the marketplace.)
Your inbox will be flooded with potential clients who are dying to hire you because they desperately need your products and services.

You’ll start making quick sales directly from Facebook messenger. (No more hopping on Skype and killing an hour with a client who was never going to hire you in the first place.)
You’ll get asked to speak at industry events and get booked solid with Podcast appearances and radio shows that will not only send you a surge of new business, you’ll also gain rock-solid authority, credibility and trust with key influencers and their massive audiences.
You’ll be able to connect with big time players you’d never have a chance to reach if you tried contacting them with more traditional methods (There are many multi-millionaires who scan Facebook when they’re bored, just like you and me. You can go directly to them without getting blocked by gatekeepers and secretaries).
Sales will become easy because of the positioning and persona that you gain from your natural interactions on Facebook (People will start liking you for who you are – you’ll get customers for being your own, natural self).
You’ll be able to raise your prices as demand for your services skyrockets.
Most importantly, every time you log on to Facebook you’ll have the opportunity to attract new clients and close deals whenever you want.

Module 1 – Look The Part

Transform Your Profile, Brand Yourself As a Celebrity In Your Niche, And Make Selling Easier Than Ever

How to ooze credibility and authority, just by making a few quick and easy tweaks to your profile page
How to inject your profile with a strong dose of proof that burns through the thickest buying resistance and gets clients ready to do business with you fast
The one, seemingly unimportant part of your personal profile that’s turning away hundreds of potential clients, JV partners, and influencers (And the easy fix that can start attracting these relationships)
One simple trick for getting hundreds, even thousands of people from Facebook to visit your website without having to write a single post, picture, video or pay a dime for advertising
How to train your Facebook friends to buy from you instead of your competition
What to upload to Facebook that will flood your inbox with hot leads, ready to throw money at you for your products and services
Two things to put in your posts that can double or triple shares, comments and likes
How to scientifically ‘hack’ Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm to get your posts in front of more people. When you do this, Facebook actually rewards you for taking initiative
How to capture the attention of your dream clients with one finger (I know it sounds weird, but it takes almost no effort and will get you noticed)
How to bypass any gatekeeper, VA, or secretary and make valuable, organic connections with the titans of your industry
One simple little known Facebook trick that automatically puts you on the radar of anyone you chose
Why your Facebook friends, relationships, and connections are 10x more profitable than your email list
Module 2 – Find Your Tribe
How To Become An Instant Celebrity In Any Facebook Group You Join In The First 2 Minutes

How To Find Facebook Groups That Are Worth Spending Time In (Meaning: You Can Actually MAKE Money By Being In There)
What to say in your very first post when you join a group that cements your reputation as the go-to expert in your niche (Don’t be surprised when you get a bunch of personal messages from hot prospects within minutes after posting)
How to gain instant trust of high-profile Facebook group leaders (And how to get them to personally endorse and recommend you to hundreds, even thousands, of their group members)
What to look for in a Facebook group before you join, and how to quickly tell if it’s worth investing your time. (Not all Facebook groups are created equally: I’ll teach you how to spot an active, profitable group and how to avoid groups that are full of time vampires and freebie-seekers)
What to post in a Facebook group that attracts players with money who are ready to PayPal you any fee you charge
How to write posts that sell without being salesy (a lot of people get kicked out of groups when they try to sell or post their own links, I’ll show you a way to write valuable posts that get people messaging you, asking where to send money)
3 ways to get yourself permanently banned from a Facebook group (avoid these common mistakes at all costs)
How to use content you posted in one group to attract thousands of other prospects in other groups
What to say to a group admin that will get them to rave about you to their group’s audience

Module 3 – Create Raving Fans
How To Build Your Own Tribe Of Raving Fans Eager To Buy From You And Recommend You To Their Network

How to launch an active Facebook group in 10 minutes and get your first 200 members
How to repel freebie seekers, spammers, trolls, and negative people that can ruin your group’s reputation (Implement a few of these rules for your group and you’ll never have to worry about these people tarnishing your community’s reputation)
How to launch your product on Facebook in less than 5 minutes, and start making sales before it’s even created – without a website, email list, sales page, or sales funnel
Why Facebook Pages are dying and why Facebook groups are the future of all business online
What to name your group that reflects your beliefs and values and also attracts your ideal prospects to your group
A fill-in-the-blank template message you can send to people to get them to join your group
What to do with every new group member that gets your audience engaged and makes people feel welcome (This helps grow your network and reach very quickly)
When to kick someone out of your group and how to do it without backlash or complaints (Your group’s bond with each other will actually grow stronger when you kick out a few of these ‘negative nancy’s’)
How to get world class experts to share their most jealously guarded secrets of success for free with you and your group members
How to get free services and free stuff from your group members
How to add people to your groups without annoying them
5 ways to monetize your Facebook group
How to make money even if you have a tiny Facebook group
How to get a nice, steady flow of passive income from your group using sponsorships

Module 4 – Gain Clients
Advanced Closing & Positioning Techniques

How to write Facebook posts that make sales, even if you don’t have a sales page and you suck at writing copy
A step-by-step closing script for closing sales via private message
How to create authority in your niche by leveraging other people’s posts, pictures, and videos
Storytelling hacks for getting extra attention from desired prospects, clients, and influencers
How to use Facebook to get booked on popular Podcasts (I can show you the strategy I used to book over 100 podcast interviews in my first year online)
Simple strategies for getting asked to speak at big events (I’ll reveal exactly how I was able to land big time speaking gigs at huge industry events – without any previous speaking experience)

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