Puttylike – Productivity for Multipotentialites

Feb 18, 2015
Big Course
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Name Product: Puttylike – Productivity for Multipotentialites Sale Page: http://puttylike.com/productivity-for-multipotentialites/ Price: $67

This Course is for You If:

You start working on one project, only to get excited by a new, brilliant idea and then switch your focus, constantly feeling like you’re never accomplishing anything.
You struggle with prioritizing your projects, juggling them, and balancing the long term with the short term goals.
You lose interest in your projects long before they’re finished.
You have a hard time fitting your projects in among all of your “real life” obligations, like family or work.
You find it difficult to motivate yourself to do the work, and find that having the ideas and imagining them is much more fun than actually following through.
You’re monumentally disorganized and have unfinished projects blanketed across your desk/bedroom floor.
You have a difficult time telling the difference between a fleeting obsession and a lasting one, and end up spending a lot of time and money, only to quickly become bored.
You want to do everything now, and end up completing nothing.
You feel paralyzed and overwhelmed by everything on your plate.




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