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Dec 18, 2017
Management, Leadership
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Go from “good” to “great” by developing the deep inner skills of
winners – and gain an instant edge in business, work, and relationships

Unshakeable Confidence – Know without a doubt that you can do whatever you want – that you’re entitled to it

Unwavering Focus – Forget distractions. Laser-focus on what you want and know nothing can stand in your way

Unstoppable Motivation – Get the energy and excitement to do what you want, when you want it

Unbeatable Optimism – Know that “bad” events are purely temporary – you can turn any roadblock into a benefit. Life is good

Mental Mastery is an online course that gives you the tools you need to crack the mental blocks that have been holding you back for years and replace them with the four core inner skills of winners.

This is specific – we include exact concepts, examples, and phrases you can use right now.

This is rapid – a 30-day course with new material that you can apply instantly. Take it at your own pace and revisit it whenever you want.

And this is practical – if you’ve already tried the treadmill of random productivity apps and hacks, and you want to go beyond symptoms to focus on what truly works, Mental Mastery gives you the precise, actionable steps to build these inner skills into your everyday life.

In the course, you’ll learn..
The big lie we tell ourselves about motivation

How to get out of your own head

Going All-In: How to get over analysis paralysis

From lazy to driven: The secret to hard work that separates winners from losers

A personal “kick-in-the-ass” from Ramit

From HOT to COOL: How to develop effortless discipline

How to manage your inner critic

“Trust Your Legs”: How to overcome your fear of failure

How to fix your social media addiction

Intuition: The forgotten power of trusting your gut

“It’s OK to be weird”

How to scrape the meat off the bone from every opportunity

Putting a lid on negativity

The language of winners

One technique you can use to make yourself happier every day

Inbox Zero and other productivity myths

“Your problem is not my problem”: How to set boundaries and say “no”

Mental Reset: How to get back on track when you get distracted

“Your biggest growth is ahead of you”

How to develop natural confidence, even if you weren’t born with it

The ENTIRE Mental Mastery course is available in video, audio, and transcript formats.
This is an active course where we’ll show you how to integrate the principles into your life. You’ll get a specific call to action every step of the way. Do these and you’ll quickly see how rapidly you can change.

SALE PAGE | Price: $297

Ramit Sethi – Mental Mastery: Videos, PDFs | Size: 1.8 GB


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