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The fact is, you’re just not patient enough to trade 99.9% of the systems you’ve read about, heard about or even tried.

And while I’m a big fan of taking personal responsibility for your own shortcomings, I have to admit that this one isn’t really your fault either.

Most (and by most I’m estimating 80%+) people who are trading Forex are already employed somewhere else full time. That’s 40+ hours a week. They also have family obligations which require a certain amount of time each day. And unless they have the constitution of a robot (or a horrendous coke habit) they probably need 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

That simply doesn’t leave a lot of free time left to trade forex, and the few hours they do have per week to watch the charts don’t give them many opportunities to find good trades (especially using the methods the “gurus” recommend).


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