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Sep 3, 2019
Marketing, Sale
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  • PAPS Pinterest Automated Profits
  • VIP Training: 8 Week VIP Coaching on the 5th biggest traffic source Pinterest. Learn which CPA products to promote with big ROI
    Complete module on how to create pin ads
  • Method: CPA Affiliate Commerce. No one is doing this method. It’s the game
    changer of 2019
  • Pins: Duplicate all of Ross’s top performing PINS with images and text for a faster start.
  • LISTICLE: The innovative “listicle” landing page we
    We developed in-house to maximize our profits
  • Advertorial Pages: High converting advertorial and quiz pages
  • VIP Support: You can reach out to us anytime you feel stuck and need help.
  • Webinar Sessions: Live Q&A Sessions with Ross and Brian Pfeiffer
  • 3 BONUS Campaigns: Get Ross’s top performing campaigns.
  • 21 BONUS PRODUCTS: Get the top 21 products that had generated 6 figures for Ross
  • Creative Swipes: Get the best titles and ad copy-writes, all the images
  • Shutterstock images: Get Ross’s royalty-free custom shutter stock images.
  • CPA Products set up: Learn how to choose and set up top CPA Commerce products
  • BONUS Traffic Source: Advanced techniques for 4X your ROI with Pinterest


Modules in this course:

Get started Guide

Week 1

01-Part 1- Pinterest Fundamentals and Pinterest As A Traffic Platform

02-Part 2- Pinterest Fundamentals and Pinterest As A Traffic Platform

Week 2

01-What To Promote On Pinterest- Products, Services And Lead Generation – Full Training

02-How Much We’ve Made With Pinterest Ads – Bonus Video

Week 3

01-Pinterest Ads Fundamentals Part.1

02-Pinterest Ads Fundamentals Part. 2

03-Creating High Converting Pin Ads Using CANVA

Week 4

01-Landing Pages Walk Through – Creating GIF Images

02-Copywriting Hacks

03-Landing Page Fundamentals – Listicles, Quiz Pages, Advertorials And Check Out Pages – Part 1

04-Landing Pages – Listicles, Quiz Pages, Advertorials And Check Out Pages – Part 2.

Week 5

01-Working With Pinterest Ads manager

02-Setting Up Conversion Events

03-Getting Rid Of ‘Trick’ Snipped

04-Campaigns Set Up

Week 6

01-Tracking Sales-Conversions And Pixel Set Up

02-Google Analytics Integration

03-Additional Video – Important Stats, CTRs, CPMs

Week 7 – Optimizing And Scaling Campaigns
Week 8 – Bonus Campaigns – Promoting Standalone Products And ClickBank Affiliate Offers


NAME OF COURSE: Videos, PDFs | Size: 13.1 GB

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