Sales Stack 2015 Conference

May 8, 2017
Big Course
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What Will I Learn?
Better position themselves for the new era of sales
Have a wealth of sales knowledge from the leading minds in tech sales
Generate more leads, close more sales, and further their sales career
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Basic understanding of the sales process and the sales profession
Passion for sales, sales hacking, and sales technology
Desire to learn and drive results for yourself and your organization
Sales Stack 2015, presented by Sales Hacker is an event that brings technology vendors, how-to thought leaders, and sales teams together to connect and learn about the power of Data & Automation in the Sales Process. We are in an era where everything is being unlocked. Data about your buyer is cheaper and more accessible than ever before. Data and transparency in your sales process allows you to create the most efficient and replicable sales process possible. Not taking advantage of these new technologies would be like if you decided never to take advantage of selling via phone or email.

Don’t be stuck in the dark ages. Our rockstar lineup will include actionable “how and why” sessions from some of the industry’s best practitioners currently crushing it at rapid growth, non-vendor companies. Sales Stack 2015 aims to enable sales people with the understanding of “how and why” these efficient processes are being built, then providing B2B and Enterprise companies with the technology at their fingertips, allowing them to build their Sales Stack on the spot.

Who is the target audience?
Account Executives
Sales Development Reps
Sales Reps
Demand Generation Reps
VP’s of Sales

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Sales Stack 2015 Conference: Videos, PDFs | Size: 4 GB


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