Salesforce Data Loader – What, When and Why

Feb 9, 2018
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No more confusion about salesforce data loader, graphic user interface and command line interface (gui / cli)

This is the RIGHT TUTORIAL for you, if your status is R30;

“I know how to create records in salesforce, but, I want to understand how the BULK data migration can be done in salesforce, using salesforce data loader.”

In this tutorial, I have explained

WHAT is Salesforce Data Loader

WHAT IS Possible and NOT Possible in “Salesforce Data Import Wizard”.

HOW salesforce DataLoader is useful to Import Wizard.

Pre-Requisites for installing the Data Loader.

Simple explanation of GUI and CLI.

Sample demo of GUI and CLI operation.

Note: I have not dealt with HOW to use the data loader in this tutorial. I have published separate TWO more tutorials dedicated for GUI operations and CLI operations respectively.

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Salesforce Data Loader – What, When and Why: Videos, PDFs | Size: 85 MB


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