Sandi Krakowski – Social Media Masters

Sep 25, 2015
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Sandi Krakowski – Social Media Masters

Never Before Taught: Highly Effective Copywriting, Ad Writing, Content Creation & Social Media Influencer Apprenticeship. For Small Business Owners OR Anyone Wanting A New Career!

You Will Learn How To:
– Write sales copy that causes people to buy quickly through social media.
– How to create a BIG IDEA with picture graphics, quotes, text posts and more on a social media page and then ‘marry’ that to a well crafted email.
– Create advertising campaigns that people are compelled to click through.
– Know what a good ROI is and what needs to change to get higher conversions.
– Learn 3 powerful words you can insert immediately into your content on Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram or Pinterest that will automatically have people sharing, commenting and liking your content every single time.
– How to create content in less than 1 hour per week.
– Connect with the top influencers in your niche without ever feeling pushy.
– Stay fresh and connected while you run your business because you know what you’re doing is working.
– Know what a good ROI is and what needs to change to get higher conversions.
– … and MORE!

The last time I taught copywriting, my students were seeing results they never dreamed were possible.
Many of them made more money, were able to pour into more charities and they began to live the life of their dreams writing and marketing through the internet while on vacation in under just a few hours per week!
I am looking for the cream of the crop. The Champions who are willing to work, willing to follow directions and those who will give it their all.
Is that you?

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