Screw95 Course

Sep 26, 2013
Big Course
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Name Product: Screw95: Screw the Hype. Screw the BS. Screw the 9-5 (Full Course) Sale Page: Price: $97

There are a hell of a lot of BS products and courses out there with many of them costing thousands of dollars that do nothing more than take your money and leave you broke.

This however is NOT one of those courses.

In fact it’s totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that YES I really do make a killing on the internet and YES I really do know what I’m talking about.

In fact I’ve been building up these profitable niche sites for years now and most of them bring me in anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month up to a few thousand dollars a month and with the amount of them that I now have I’m able to put up a big middle finger to “the man” and live my life on my own terms and without being chained to a desk.

And with the Screw95 course you’ll be able to learn EXACTLY how I build these simple sites so that you can copy what I’m doing!


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