Sean D’Souza – Psychotactics – Attversumption

Apr 27, 2013
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Every marketing plan is based on attraction and conversion. So why is that a mistake?

(Most marketing plans don’t factor in consumption. Yet, consumption is the core. Even if a customer buys your product, but doesn’t use it, they’ll never come back for more. And the revenue lies in fewer customers coming back many, many times!)

Presenting: The Attversumption MasterClass HomeStudy

Or to put it another way, the combination of ‘Attraction + Conversion + Consumption’ (That’s Att+Ver+Sumption…put together).

The Attversumption MasterClass HomeStudy where you learn exactly what causes customers to buy. But it’s not just another blah-blah seminar. It covers intense learning about what causes customers to hesitate. How customers are driven to the want factor. And how you need to engineer sales around a pre-determined sequence of steps you have to take to make sure that customers are eager to buy–even when times are tough.


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