Sean D’Souza – The Power Of Story Telling

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Name Product: Sean D’Souza – The Power Of Story Telling

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Wouldn’t you love to have that zing in your articles—to catch the attention of the reader and keep them interested?

(Do you often find that your articles don’t seem to come out as “fun”, when it’s “fun” inside of you? Why do they seem to lack that precise zing?)
Let’s say you gave two equally-matched writers exactly the same material and facts, and they sat down to write…

What would make one article better than the other?

The answer lies not just in stories and analogies—but well-told stories and analogies instead!

Facts, by themselves are interesting, but more often than not, put us to sleep. Unless, of course, they’re tightly wrapped around a well-told story. The moment a story (or an analogy) jumps out, there’s suddenly an element of zing.

You, as the writer, feel that zing inside you. And if you’re able to pull out not just a story—but a well-told story—suddenly that article is pure magic!
But more often than not, your articles seem almost too ho-hum, too ‘practical’…

You know that if you could insert good stories, good analogies or even case-studies, your article would light up like a Christmas tree. But then as you slide it in, the story seems forced. It seems to go on a million tangents. Suddenly it seems to collapse, is not interesting and is missing the punch.

You wonder why the story doesn’t sit well. Why is it that the story is not coming out as fun, when it’s fun inside you? Why does it seem to lack feeling, have human interest and be interesting instead? And what would it take to make a story one that’s well-told?



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