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Jul 2, 2013
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Sooo, now that you know the Basics of SEO, the burning question is:
Are you ready to test your SEO skill-set against the experts in the wild?

Hopefully you answered: yes! … but regardless, you know in your heart there is still more to learn.
You know that, if you’re to compete at the very top level of your profession, you must rise above the average.
And you know that, to gain a real difference-making advantage…

The separation is in the preparation!

Ask yourself:

1. What separates YOU from the thousands of others who know as much SEO as you do?
2. Are YOU totally armed to go to war with the salty vets who’ve been battling in the SEO trenches for years?

If your skills are only Basic, then maybe not.
But the good news is, after only 4 hours of training over a short 4 day period you most certainly could be!
…and that’s the objective of our upcoming Advanced Search Marketing Boot Camp.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Microformats, also known as Google’s rich snippets, will soon become an important ranking factor.
Not only can they produce dramatically higher click-through rates,
authorship and publisher snippets are essential to building your personal brand’s trust with Google.
In this category you’ll learn everything you need to know about:

* vocabulary
* marking up a product page
* marking up a location
* event markup
* Combining multiple markups
* Troubleshooting Markup Problems

Video Optimization is an essential skill regardless of whether you’re an SEO, Web Designer, or Online Marketer.
Not only is Video a powerful content tool, but the use of Video in ways that Google will like is critical to your success.
In this category you’ll learn everything you need to know about:

* Youtube Video Optimization
* Universal Search Video
* Facebook Video and Power of Tagging
* Open Graph and Microformat Markup
* Video Sitemaps

Image Optimization is far more important that most people realize.
When all else is equal between one site or another, it is often the image optimization that decides the advantage in rankings.
By understanding every nuance and strategy for optimizing your images,
you position your pages to take advantage of every little detail done right to create top ranking pages.
In this category you’ll learn everything you need to know about:

* Core Ranking Fundamentals
* EXIF Data and Geotagging
* Image Sizes and Ranking
* OpenGraph & Microformat Markup
* Image Sitemaps
* Troubleshooting Ranking Problems in Image Search

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