Sedemon V1.0.4.3

Apr 18, 2013
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Mirror 2


1. Run Setup.exe
2. Once installed, SE Demon will open. Close it.
3. Copy cracked exe.
4. Goto C:\Users\< USERNAME >\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\9J7PX83H.E4X\3GBRAYDB.6D5\sede..tion_b803a6ed7bb4b5f4_0001.0000_8a2d0911e1ebdbab​​
(The red text will be different for each person.)
5. Backup original SEDemon.exe file.
6. Paste cracked exe. Close folder.
7. Start SE Demon from the Start Menu.
8. Enter anything when asks for registered email.


Install location – C:\Documents and Settings\< USERNAME >\Local Settings\Apps\2.0\9J7PX83H.E4X\3GBRAYDB.6D5\sede..tion_b803a6ed7bb4b5f4_0001.0000_8a2d0911e1ebdbab​

And make sure you have hidden folders shown.

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