Smashify by Adam Dukes

Dec 4, 2015
Big Course
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“Shopify Is Your Powerful Gateway To Online Success
and Real Personal Freedom.”

Smashify: How To Build a Six Figure E-Commerce Store In 90 Days
Without Sacrificing Your Money, Your Sanity or Your Reputation
Inside the Smashify Online Training, you’ll get full access to 4 powerful video modules that will walk you through everything you’ll need to know to get your own Shopify store up and running quickly and successfully.

These 4 modules will include:

MODULE #1: The Risk Free Path of E-Commerce Success
MODULE #2: Get On The Fast Track To Success With Shopify
MODULE #3: An Explosion of Niches and Profitable Ideas
MODULE #4: Mastering Facebook Ads To Maximize Profits

In each video module (which is roughly 60-80 minutes in length), I’ll ONLY focus on the information you need, minus the fluff and filler that most courses provide. I’m not a fan of video courses that ramble on and on for hours, and I’m sure you’re not either.

Everything you will need will be nicely compiled into 4 modules only.

SALE PAGE | Price: $97

Smashify by Adam Dukes: Videos, PDFs | Size: 750 MB


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