[Special Offer] Amy Lippmann – Cleanse/Detox Program + Marketing Kit (Winter & Spring 2016)

Apr 7, 2016
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Name Product: Amy Lippmann – Cleanse/Detox Program + Marketing Kit (Winter & Spring 2016) COST: $697 Size: 591 MB Sale page: http://blankrefer.com/?http://cleanseprogramforhealthcoaches.com/

Do you want to leverage your time and create virtual
program offerings (instead of focusing only on in-person work)?

Does creating your own cleanse/detox feel too daunting or time consuming?

I get it. Before founding Marketing for Health Coaches, I too was a health coach.

Amy-L-photo-2I got started in this industry because I wanted help people in a powerful way, while generating a healthy income.

I built my business seeing clients one-on-one (typically in-person). And while I loved my work, sustaining my business solely with private coaching was draining.

Then I got pregnant with my first child, and everything changed.

I realized I was working too much and not paying myself a consistent salary. I was out of alignment with the very principles I taught my clients! That’s when I decided to create a virtual cleanse program. Other entrepreneurs seemed to be having success with group programs, so how hard could it be?

Turns out, I had NO idea what I was getting myself into…

First I had to design the program itself. Hours and hours of reading… researching… developing the curriculum… creating materials…

Then there was the technical side of putting the program online, and getting it ready to market. I had a decent email list by then, but when it came to setting up web pages, online marketing funnels and copywriting, I was totally lost.

What had started as an exciting project quickly turned into a race against the clock, as I worked to finish everything before my daughter was born.

I remember wishing someone would just hand me a cleanse program, with all the marketing pieces in place. Instead, I had to figure it all out the hard way.

I made a lot of mistakes in those early days, and invested A LOT of time & money into refining my programs and marketing.

Then an interesting thing happened… when I started Marketing for Health Coaches, most of my clients wanted help launching their own cleanse or detox program.

That’s when the idea for the ready-to-launch Cleanse/Detox + Marketing Kit was born.
If you’ve thought about creating a cleanse or detox,
but feel overwhelmed by the thought of:

–    Designing the program curriculum & materials
–    Setting everything up online
–    Writing sales page copy, promotional emails, and social media posts (that will motivate people to sign up)
–    The 100’s of other moving pieces involved in creating and marketing a virtual program

Then you’re in the right place.

LAUNCH CleanseDetox 7days head

3D-CLEANSE-Covers-(all-four)-Winter-Springv1The ready-to-launch Cleanse/Detox + Marketing Kit gives you everything you need to create and fill a transformational cleanse/detox program.
There is nothing else out there that combines a customizable curriculum with a complete marketing plan to make your entire launch process smooth and FAST.

If you’re looking for a program that gets your clients results (and sets you up as an expert in your field) look no further.

Over 1,000 coaches have delivered this program with rave reviews. And some participants launch as quickly as 7 days after purchasing!

No need to spend weeks researching and writing your own program!

This ready-to-launch curriculum can be customized for your nutritional approach, whether vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, or whole-foods based.

Designed to be 21 days, but can easily be adjusted to a 7 or 14-day program
Use the materials as-is, or edit them to fit your unique approach & audience
No copyright concerns! Feel free to add your name, logo & other branding elements

What You get:
You’ll receive the same program curriculum for each season (winter and spring). Each season comes with seasonal recipes & meal plans, and seasonally branded material (seasonal photos and colors).

You’ll receive 2 sets of seasonally branded materials – one set for Winter and another set for Spring.

What’s Included

–    Complete Cleanse/Detox Guidebook that guides you and your clients on the why’s and how’s of cleansing and detoxing
–    Client Workbook, where clients can track their progress
–    Daily Cleanse/Detox Protocol lays out the daily routine, to make it easy for clients to stay on track
–    Customizable WINTER Meal Plan With Over 30 Seasonal Recipes created by a whole foods chef (all recipes are gluten, dairy & sugar-free)
–    Customizable SPRING Meal Plan With Over 30 Seasonal Recipes created by a whole foods chef (all recipes are gluten, dairy & sugar-free)
–    Toxin Reduction Tips that will help your clients eliminate toxins
–    Kitchen & Food Preparation Tips with simple time-saving strategies for your clients
–    Recordings & Transcripts of 3 Training Calls that you can deliver to guide your participants through their cleanse/detox
–    Pre-Written Emails to promote the program and to send to program participants throughout the cleanse/detox


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