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Jul 26, 2018
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Igor Ledochowski – Applied Conversational Hypnosis


Latest Conversational Hypnosis Tools To POSITIVELY

TRANSFORM The People You Come In Contact With…

If you’re interested in any way in using conversational hypnosis in your life, you’re my kind of person.

I’d love to hear about your stories of how you’ve applied conversational hypnosis.

I’d love to hear about your life – your goals, your aspirations.

I’d love to hear how you are (or would like to be) incorporating conversational hypnosis into your life and work.

I feel we’d have a really interesting conversation together.

We’d probably get lots of good ideas from each other and inspire one another to reach higher and make even more out of our abilities and knowledge.

One day I’d like for that
to really happen

And maybe it will.

Then you’ll be able to tell me how you’ve applied and used my latest conversational hypnosis techniques and 5 step “unifying” process to POSITIVELY TRANSFORM the lives of people you’ve come in contact with.

How you’ll do that specifically in your life or work, I don’t yet know.

Although you probably already have a fairly good idea.

Could it be that you want to be a more effective teacher – or should I say “transformer of potential” — of the children under your tutelage?

Maybe you’re a manager and you want to be more successful at motivating, inspiring and getting deep-level “buy-in” from your company work-force.

Perhaps you’re a nurse, a doctor, or someone who works in the medical profession who wants to be more effective at getting patients to fully commit to a certain medical protocol.

Or maybe you’re a hypnotherapist or another kind of therapist, coach or counselor of people — and you want to use the best conversational hypnosis techniques and processes to enhance (and speed-up) the change-work you do.

Of course, you may just want to make the best of yourself and realize that being able to use conversational hypnosis in a STRUCTURED and authentic way

Is one of the best ways to fully
connect with the people best
able to help you get ahead

I don’t know who those people best able to help you get ahead are. But you probably do. Or at least have a good idea of who they are.

If so, the latest conversational hypnosis techniques and the 5-step “unifying” process I’d like to share with you will enable you to converse with those people in such a way that they will naturally feel they want to help you in any way they can.

I’ve seen it happen so many times. In my life, and in others.

So I say with great respect for you that whoever you want to be able to positively transform… whatever your goals, aspirations or motives are in your life (and whoever you need most help from in the pursuance of those goals) – I can assure you that my latest conversational hypnosis techniques and the 5-step “unifying” process (when APPLIED as I will SHOW YOU) will be an invaluable tool on your life journey.

To me they have been instrumental in allowing me to achieve great things in my career and in my personal relationships.

Even to build new key relationships with people it would have been impossible to do so with otherwise.

Needless to say, I would be a very “poor version” of myself without my conversational hypnosis techniques and the 5-step process that allows anyone to quickly (and smoothly) go from complete stranger to trusted advisor, key advocate… and most importantly… a transformer of other people’s true potential.

Let me tell you, it all makes for a very satisfying way of engaging and interacting with other people.

It feels… well… the right way to interact.

It feels good knowing you are able to transform people’s potential.

Wholesome even.

And it’s deeply authentic and uplifting for everyone involved.

When you see someone’s emotional problem (like a long standing fear or phobia) fall away because of how you’ve applied conversational hypnosis and been able to transform them – you’ll feel amazing.

If you’re a teacher or parent and you see a shy, awkward child completely transform into a confident, comfortable child full of expression and creativity – you’re going to feel so proud of yourself and the child.

And if you’re working with other people who are immovable on a topic…

…you’re going to get so much fulfillment out of seeing how authentically you can transform those people round to another point of view through the latest conversational hypnosis techniques and the 5-step “unifying” process – ALL of which I’d like to share with you in my NEW video program called:

The program is all about showing you how to actually APPLY all my latest conversational techniques and the 5-step process that enables you to smoothly transition through all the 5-stages necessary to quickly become a key confidant and trusted advisor… and most importantly a TRANSFORMER OF POTENTIAL in another person’s life.

The program will give you a complete understanding of the structure and purpose of a conversation to…

Become a unique transformational
conversationalist… IN ANY CONTEXT!

You’ll get a step-by-step (5-steps in all actually!) process to go from zero to having a meaningful conversation with anyone and then turn that conversation conversationally-hypnotic so it has a positive and lasting transformational effect on the person you conversed with.

Which brings us to another important point to be aware of:

You MUST know the 5-step process to get you into a deep and meaningful conversationally hypnotic interaction with the right people.

You HAVE to go through each step of the 5-step process.

You MUST understand the order and importance of each of the steps.

You HAVE to know how to smoothly transition from one step to the next.

Because listen, if you miss or “jump over” one of the steps your conversation will NOT be conversationally hypnotic (even if you’re using the best conversational hypnosis techniques in the world).


Structure First; SubstanceSecond

The structure is the 5-step process (or phases) you have to take a conversation through.

The substance is (or are) the conversational hypnosis language patterns and techniques.

Well, good news:

The Applied Conversational Hypnosis Video Training Program has you covered BOTH WAYS.

It gives you the essential structure (the 5-step “unifying” process – i.e., the conversational process that holds everything together).

It ALSO gives you my latest conversational hypnosis language patterns and techniques.

Meaning it’s a fully comprehensive “rubber meets the road” kind of training program.

Highly Transformational Training

Making it exceptionally transformational for anyone who goes through it.

Mostly because there’ll be plenty of demonstrations in the training videos for you to watch and “copy” (“adapt”) for your own life or with other people’s situations.

And I do mean your specific life or other people’s situations.

See my latest conversational hypnosis techniques and structured 5-step process is all USEABLE and ADAPTABLE to every situation, environment and context where verbal communication is involved.

They can even be used with no
“face-contact” over the phone or on
a Skype call with someone you
have never spoken to before

Which makes it even more likely you’ll get a face-to-face meeting by the way!


With access to my Applied Conversational Hypnosis Video Training Program you’ll always have the essential structure and the conversational hypnosis “language technology” to make the BIGGEST positive difference in the lives of the people you most want to impact.

And once you have that…

There’s not a lot you cannot
achieve in life

After all…

The ability to get full “heart-based” co-operation from others is ALWAYS required to achieve, and achieve BIG.

Sports coaches know that.

CEOs know that.

Top producing sales managers know that.

Expedition leaders know that.

Generals in the army know that.

And you will know it (and experience it) too – just as soon as you start following the essential 5-step process (phases of conversation) and apply the latest conversational hypnosis techniques and processes I share with you in the NEW Applied Conversational Hypnosis Video Training Program.

Here’s a breakdown of the Applied Conversational Hypnosis Program delivered in 24 Modules:

  • Module #01:
    The Secrets To Applying Conversational Hypnosis Even Under Great Pressure
  • Module #02:
    The 5 Phases Of Every Conversation
  • Module #03:
    Conversational “People Whisperers”, Appreciation & Status
  • Module #04:
    The Power Of “Big Talk” & Conversation Deepeners
  • Module #05:
    Conversational Transition Tactics
  • Module #06:
    Hypnotic Conversations & Entering Into A Person’s Inner Landscape
  • Module #07:
    How To Calibrate Emotions Demonstration & Tracking Emotional States
  • Module #08:
    Group Demo: Shifting Consciousness, Conversational Fractionation & Demonstration
  • Module #09:
    How To Ask Deeper Questions With Demonstration
  • Module #10:
    How To Access Hypnotic Phenomena In A Conversation & Target Transformative Moments
  • Module #11:
    Developing Intense Revivifications Demonstration
  • Module #12:
    The Conversational Revivification Technique
  • Module #13:
    Conversational Hypnosis Techniques In “The Real World”
  • Module #14:
    Demonstration: Eliciting Values Conversationally
  • Module #15:
    Using Values As Psychological Levers To Create Transformation
  • Module #16:
    How To Elicit Identities To Find Empowering Resources
  • Module #17:
    Demo: Empowering An Aspirational Identity
  • Module #18:
    The Conversational Influence Formula
  • Module #19:
    “Gold Mining” & The Consultation Process
  • Module #20:
    “Building Bridges” & The Motivation Pre-Frame
  • Module #21:
    De-Labeling & The Adapted Full Consultation Process
  • Module #22:
    Releasing Past Failures, Finding Lost Dreams & Using “Hero Fuel”
  • Module #23:
    Putting The Consultation Process Into Context & Troubleshooting The Abyss
  • Module #24:
    Setting Transitional Frames, Using “The Magic Question” & Final Skills Review


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