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Aug 5, 2015
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Name Product: Kendall SummerHawk – Money Breakthrough Method Certified Coach Training COST: $2497 Size: 347 MB Sale page:_http://www.womenincoaching.com/mbm/

Join me in this online coach certification training program and you can add an additional stream of clients, income and profit to your business, starting now… and all done-for-you!

Right now, there is unprecedented demand for you as a coach, consultant, trainer, therapist or practitioner to include money coaching in your business    so you can confidently and easily help your new and current clients demystify how to break free of their “glass money ceiling” so they earn more, keep more and finally own their worth.

The Money Breakthrough Method® Certified Coach Training Program includes…

Live Teleseminar Training and Q&A with Kendall
on All 5 Modules of the Money Breakthrough Method®

Over 21 Downloadable — Brand As Your Own — Step-by-Step Exercises, Handouts, Checklists, Visualization Scripts, Templates, Examples and More

Done-For-You Marketing Materials Including Lead Generating Quiz, Pre-Written Web Copy, VIP Day Outlines, Discovery Session Content and More

Step-by-Step Strategies On What To Charge

Here’s a sampling of the modules I’ll personally cover IN DETAIL during this exciting online teleseminar certification program…

– Training Module One: The Money Breakthrough Method® Step-by-Step

You’ll learn:

The Method’s 9 most powerful questions to ask to get to the root of healing in any money situation or conversation, in a single 30 minute session
How to release outdated money fears
How to create new money beliefs that feels completely authentic, down deep in your soul
How to coach anyone who is stuck on the topic of money (including yourself)
How to use the Money Breakthrough Method® to facilitate lasting change in yourself and others, starting right in the training class

Includes Done-for-You question template and coaching tips, all on a handy downloadable sheet.

– Training Module Two: Healing Your Family’s Money Legacy

You’ll learn:

How to stop sneaky self-sabotaging money behaviors
The underlying wisdom & truth of your family’s money legacy
How to create a new money legacy that empowers you or your clients to lead with love
A powerful exercise for transforming resentment or judgment into forgiveness (this exercise will bring tears of relief to your eyes, freeing you or your clients to allow more money in with less effort)

Includes complete Done-for-You exercises, handouts and samples you can download and brand as your own to use with your clients.

– Training Module Three: How to Forgive Debt and Other Guilty Money Issues From The Past

You’ll learn:

A specific how-to plan for forgiving debt and releasing guilty money challenges from the past
The most effective and simple strategy for handling debt that will instantly free to you begin making more
How to accelerate paying down debt without having to budget or scrimp
How to recognize income opportunities that are right under your or your client’s nose
The healing power of releasing guilt, shame or resentment
How to restore self-worth to create a more brilliant future

Includes easy to use Done-for-You handouts, coaching exercises, templates and tips.

– Training Module Four: Practical Business Building Money Tools

You’ll learn:

The 3 most important numbers to watch in running a business
The underlying meaning of resistance to earning more and how to release this obstacle from your or your client’s life
Step-by-step, what to do to earn, save and spend consciously
3 empowering principles that put your finger firmly on the pulse of money in a business
A simple system that gives you x-ray vision and insight into the ‘money side’ of a business (and avoids those complicated spreadsheets)
How to create strong and positive emotional connections to the ‘money side’ of running a business

Remember, for women, money isn’t a transaction – it’s an expression of our worth so every practical business-building tool in this tool kit is simple, easy to use and designed so you or your clients feel emotionally engaged and empowered as you’re taking action.

Every exercise in this module includes a Done-for-You handout, template or checklist you can use with yourself and with your clients.

– Training Module Five: The Real Secret to Creating More Profit In Any Business

You’ll learn:

A fascinating and intuitive way of “hearing” the story your numbers are telling you or your clients
How to recognize the emotions behind money blind spots and eliminate them
How to make money decisions easily and with confidence
What to do to avoid being caught by surprise with unexpected expenses
What to let go of to create greater profits and less stress
How to fund the future you or your clients deeply desire

Includes step-by-step coaching questions, templates and how-to’s.


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