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Dec 18, 2014
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Name Product: Robin Sharma – Extreme Achievement Formula COST: $377 Size: 1.2 GB Sale Page Information: – Component #1: The EAF Video Curriculum

You’ll get 24/7/365 access to the 6 module video curriculum for the lifetime of the online membership site.
These 6 modules are based on the same live workshop my clients pay $50,000+ for.

Video Module #1: Going From Ordinary Performer To Extreme Achiever
Video Module #2: Rising To Rare Air Results
Video Module #3: Extreme Achievement Through Leading Without A Title
Video Module #4: Shifting From Being Busy To Achieving Elite Productivity
Video Module #5: The Pursuit Of Mastery In All You Do
Video Module #6: Unleashing Your Inner Extreme Achiever

– Component #2: The EAF Audio Curriculum Audio Module #2: 6 Simple Steps to Work-Life Balance
Audio Module #3: Manage Your Time, Master Your Life
Audio Module #4: The Cure for Fear
Audio Module #5: A Simple Formula for Extraordinary Relationships
Audio Module #6: How to Craft a World-Class Life
Audio Module #7: Shine in the World
Audio Module #8: Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 1
Audio Module #9: Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 2
Audio Module #10: The Energy Explosion

What’s you GET: – All Videos, Ebooks. EVERYTHING I receive will be shared


GB thread: http://www.biznulled.com/specialoffer/view-item/197/Robin-Sharma-Extreme-Achievement-Formula.html

PRICE: You can get this course with only $24.46  ($34.95)
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