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Sep 25, 2017
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Speed Copy

“How Would You Like My Instant Formula For Creating High-Impact, Persuasive, Converting Sales Letters in the Next Few


Let’s face it, you haven’t succeeded in creating sales letters by reading books or combing the internet for free information.

The “other” information just doesn’t work, there’s no step by step. until now!

On the internet, there’s no telling who you will receive information from for free on some forum – and many popular courses and

blogs contradict themselves.

(True story: I once read a blog post that said, “Always Write Your Headline First” and then a few months later, published a post

saying, “Always Write Your Headline Last!”)

I’m glad you found this web page today, because I don’t believe in theory. Over the past few years I’ve created 79 sales letters

totaling over 798 pages of copy, all on the Internet.

There’s simply too much noise out there, and you needed to get those extra sales yesterday. What you need is a guide cuts to the

chase and shows you how to create that sales letter in just a few minutes – not days, weeks, or months.
If you’ve never written a sales letter before in your life, Speed Copy is perfect for you – because you only need to follow a simple

Even if you flunked out of 4th grade English class, Speed Copy is still a great match because we’re not trying to win any writing

awards or impress any grammar teachers – just make some sales
Even if you’ve already written several sales letters in the past, Speed Copy will decrease the amount of time it takes you to write

copy, while increasing the amount of money you make per letter

You write as little as possible, take as little time as possible, and just use the right “hot buttons” to make sure your sales letter

basically assembles itself. You can repeat the process over and over again just like I have.

SALE PAGE | Price: $532

Speed Copy: Videos, PDFs | Size: 8.1 GB


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