Steven Dux – Trading Techniques

Sep 7, 2018
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Best Trading DVD On The Market

This is the best Trading DVD I’ve ever watched, and I have all of them. You name it, i have it. Dux gives clear and direct instructions on how to judge patterns, psychology and volume. I’ve watched it twice so far, and I think I’ll rewatch it at least 4-5 more times. Not only does he teach his patterns, he backs them up with thesis behind the pattern and further support it with data. You just can’t find anyone out there that would lay it out so simple for you.Thank you, Steven, looking forward to parts 3 and 4.   KZ


It is awesome, I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who is looking to understand how to trade, and all the technical analysis are very good and easy to understand. Thanks Dux!   Koamivi Amedifou Sewa


So far this has been the most informative information to help me get started. I Highly recommend buying this DVD!! Thanks Steven, keep making those lessons. People like you and Tim Sykes, Grittani are true blessings to this world. Milton

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Steven Dux – Trading Techniques: Videos, PDFs | Size: 2.4 GB


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