Subliminal Phoenix – Alchemical Media Collection

Apr 20, 2018
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Experience the Healing Power of Light and Sound – Fractal Journeys – Cymatic Mandalas – Brainwave Entrainment

Featuring Ambient Soundscapes, Binaural Beats, and Healing Frequencies

Includes over two hours of Fractal Animations and Cymatic Journey Videos!

Brainwave Entrainment Package – 5 Videos + Soundtrack + eBook

Four Elements
5 Videos activating each of the 4 Brainwave States and Balance of all four

Brainwave entrainment journeys helps activate your chosen state –

Focus (Beta), Learning (Alpha), Meditation (Theta), and Rejuvenation (Delta)

Additional video “Avatar Journey” balances all four elements of mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Fractal Journeys with Entheo Music
Moving Mandala Journeys set to the healing ambient soundscapes of Entheo Music

Fractal Philosophy – Digital Oracle Deck and eBook
Aligning you from Cell to Self to Source, this 20 card Mandala Oracle Card deck is a journey through the 7 Chakras, the 7 Processes of Alchemy, and the Cyclical Nature of Life. Included in this package is a Digital Download Archive of all 20 mandala images in .jpg format, as well as a PDF GuideBook for your exploration of Fractal Philosophy. (Physical Cards Sold Separately) These portals are designed with the transmission of Vibration As Medicine. By meditating on these portals, or using them on your altar, you call in the vibratory pattern of that particular frequency to aid in spiritual transformation. These have been designed with the upmost care and intention, carrying the frequency of love and compassion as we enter into the phoenix fires of our own self-liberation.

Each Fractal Mandala is a translation of Frequency through Light and Sound using the power of Solfeggio Tones, Planetary Frequencies, Chakra Resonance, and the Visual Shape of Cymatic Vibrations. The accompanying eBook describes the associated chakras, alchemical processes, and elements of life for your own Oracular Contemplation.
Includes 3 Extra Bonus Videos – Collaboration with OneDoorLand

Included in this alchemical collection are three videos from our collaboration with OneDoorLand, Entheo Music, Elijah Ray, and Richard Rudd of the Gene Keys. These special videos include guided meditations and sonic soundscapes to liberate mind, body, and heart. Stream for free below or purchase this collection for these Bonus HD Downloads!

SALE PAGE | Price: $112

Subliminal Phoenix – Alchemical Media Collection: Videos, PDFs | Size: 3.6 GB


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