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[Special Offer] André Chaperon – Sphere of Influence

Name Product: André Chaperon – Sphere of Influence
COST: $394
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Coming Early 2018

HAVE YOU EVER wondered what separates the sales pages that convert at 1-3%, from the ones that convert at 5-20% (and in many cases way higher)?

The answer is often less to do with the sales page copy itself, and more to do with what happened to the visitor BEFORE they arrived at the sales page (and in many cases, long before).

Think about that.

Let it sink in.

It’s how I achieved a 46.8% conversion rate selling something for $97 (this was 8 years ago):
This was BECAUSE of what I exposed a segment of my audience to BEFORE they were even given the opportunity to purchase. Before they even knew I was selling anything.

I once used to sell a $127 product for years … WITHOUT there ever being a sales page.
Over a decade ago … back in 2005 I started to experiment with preselling (but not how you think of “preselling”).

As in doing and saying things to a prospect, in a logical sequence, before ever exposing them to an opportunity to buy anything.

At the time I was operating exclusively as an affiliate. It’s how I cut my teeth. It was the best way to learn, bar none, because I only got paid when I performed and produced real results.

I then applied Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Preeminence to what I was doing, and it immediately “LEVELED UP” the effects I was getting.
This isn’t just about the art of preselling. 99.99% of people trying to “presell” are amateurs (producing amateur results).

The rabbit hole goes way (WAY) deeper than that…

In fact, do you remember in the Matrix when Morpheus explains to Neo that the Matrix is an illusory world created to prevent humans from discovering that they are slaves to an external influence? …


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Email Success Summit by Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon

Name Product: Email Success Summit by Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon

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Price: $147

The Email Success Summit All Access Pass gives you LIFETIME access to 40+ speaker sessions led by expert email marketers, authors, proven entrepreneurs and industry experts.

You’re successfully registered and in for a journey that can skyrocket your success – just like it did for our proven email marketing experts!

Our extraordinary lineup of speakers are ready to share their winning strategies, and success ideas with you. Together these invited experts condense decades of experience and success into live video sessions. It’s going to be 8 exciting and intense days packed with speakers you don’t want to miss.

40+ Entrepreneurs Reveal
How to Generate Leads, Convert Sales
and Profit From Email


Perry Marshall
Ben Settle
Andre Chaperon
Daniel Levis
Joanna Wiebe
Doberman Dan
John McIntyre
Joel Comm
Nick Quick
Bob Jenkins
Paul Sokol

and 30+ others.



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Andre Chaperon’s $77K Affiliate Email Case Study

Name Product: Andre Chaperon’s $77K Affiliate Email Case Study

Sale Page:

Price: $95

Between now and Friday August 21st, I want to give you an opportunity to purchase this case study to learn from it.

In it you’ll see how I achieved over a $100 EPC for part of the launch:

187 clicks … 40 sales … almost $20K in commissions (which was just a fraction of the total I earned).


If you want the PDF, purchase it here…

It’s $95. Which is just stupid low for what you get.

I’m pulling this when I get back from traveling, because I’ll be adding this asset to one of our backend funnels.

So I won’t be selling it on the front-end like this again. And certainly not at this price, either.



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Andre Chaperon & Michael Hauge – The Hollywood Story Method for Marketers

Name Product: Andre Chaperon & Michael Hauge – The Hollywood Story Method for Marketers

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Price: $197

Storyfluence Workshop: The Hollywood Story Method for Marketers

THE THREE OF US WERE onto our second bottle of red, so the conversation was becoming more open and fluid.

We were sharing stuff that, under normal circumstances, probably would have remained behind the curtain, sealed in a black box.

Amazing steak washed down with expensive wine has an almost magical ability to help with rapport and establish a deeper level of connection.

The conversation had moved onto storytelling.

I mentioned that the better I got at it, the more money I made. Not just through email, but anywhere where people read something I’ve written.

He said, “You know what I do?”

I waited while Daegan munched down a large chunk of Wagyu cow. “I pay a Hollywood story consultant to coach me.”

More chewing. Another slurp of Bordeaux.

“Just one of the stories he’s helped me craft allowed me to bring in over $315,000 in just one evening. He’s transformed how I think and how I communicate…”

You’ll learn how to tell your marketing story in the most IMPACTFUL way that elicits the most EMOTION.

This is not just for “email writing” (although it can certainly be applied to that, too)…

… but for any story you want to tell within your marketing funnel.

Doesn’t matter if it’s an:

origin story,
someone else’s story (one of my favorites),
presell story,
email lead-in story (another favorite),
case study and instructional story,
… or even a story within a sales message:
sales letter,
or stage presentation.



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Andre Chaperon’s – Email Marketing Intensive

Name GB: Andre Chaperon’s – Email Marketing Intensive
COST: $2995
Size: 6.17 GB
More Information:]

Discover How To Double Your Sales Using Email, In 8 Weeks Or Less

My unique email marketing system is used by the most wildly successful marketers on the planet, including Jeff Walker, Rich Schefren and Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani.
Read on to discover some of my cutting-edge email strategies. Plus, you’ll discover a one-time only opportunity I guarantee will double your sales… or you won’t pay a cent.

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Andre Chaperon – ASM Alternative

Name Product: Andre Chaperon – ASM Alternative

Sale Page:

Price: $297

Firstly, I’m going to presume you’re at least interested in ‘Amazing Selling Machine’ by Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback.
With that said…
The other day I buzzed my buddy, Dave Tropeano on Skype.
I know he’s been selling physical stuff on Amazon for a while now (he also has a Kindle publishing company).
So asked him if he’s been through ‘Amazing Selling Machine’.
And if so, what were his thoughts on it.
We got chatting…
He told me about his experience with ASM. What he’s been doing on the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) platform…
And what he’s learnt since starting (the good, the bad, and the ugly).
I don’t want this email to drag on, so I’m gonna be really upfront and honest (err, well … I’m always ‘honest’).
Meaning, no sugar-coating.
I have no desire in putting down ASM in a low-blow attempt to flog my own stuff.
ASM has its flaws, like every product.
The first module is just intro. Dave said overall the course felt “slow” with a weekly drip-feed of the modules.
The last few modules he didn’t find very valuable (felt like filler).
With that said…
Dave’s words were, “The content in the middle – the how to – was excellent and the advice was excellent.”
So overall the product is solid (see P.S. later on).
However, here’s a kicker…
It costs $3,497.
That’s not a small investment.
It gets worse.



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