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Ben Adkins – Celebrity from Scratch

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Celebrity from Scratch

Sale Page:_

Price: $199

What You’re Getting Inside:
The Full “Celebrity From Scratch” Method.
How to Get a Celebrity in a Market to Like You and Promote you to their Audience.
The 5 Critical Components of Convincing an Authority in a Field to Make you an Authority as Well.
Part 1: The “Internal Value” Celebrity Transfer Principle
Part 2: The “Financial Success” Celebrity Transfer Principle
Part 3: The “Free Time Giver” Celebrity Transfer Principle
Part 4: The “Small Importance Lock” Celebrity Transfer Principle
Part 5: The “High Value Proof” Celebrity Transfer Principle
The “Celebrity Building Value” Script

This Video NOT available yet.
[Advanced Only] The Celebrity Builder Live Session with Ben Adkins
[Advanced Only] How to Use Facebook Ads to Get in The “Celebrity Club”
[Advanced Only] The “4 Hour Workweek” Strategy to Fast Notoriety


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Ben Adkins – The 1000 Lead Challenge Facebook Messenger Ads

Name Product: Ben Adkins – The 1000 Lead Challenge Facebook Messenger Ads

Sale Page: _

Price: $299
What You’re Getting As a Challenge Taker:
The “Fast List Facebook Ads” Walkthrough
[BONUS] 90 Day Access to the “1000 Lead Challenge” Mastermind Group (get 24/7 Support)
[BONUS] The Niche Optin Sequence Rebrand Technique (worth the entire price that you’ll pay)
[1st 20 BONUS] Private Optin Page Video Review
[1st 50 BONUS] Access to Funnel Bucketing (Trade Secret Unreleased Course)
[1st 100 BONUS] Private Solo Ad Discount
Access to the 3 Live Rapid Immersion Sessions with Ben Adkins.
The “30 Day” Optin Page and Thank You Templates
The Full Autoresponder Technical Setup Walkthrough.
The Full “Optin Page” Technical Setup Walkthrough
The 5 Day Followup Sale Sequence
A Done for You Affiliate Campaign. (so you can monetize fast)
The Solo Ad Safe List


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Ben Adkins – 10 Dollar Time Bomb VIP

Name Product: Ben Adkins – 10 Dollar Time Bomb   VIP

Sale Page:

Price: $199.95

Inside you’ll Learn How to Take the Knowledge in Your Head
(or any expert that you know) and Turn it into A Digital Instruction Manual that Can Be Sold Online.


PART 1: How To Guarantee Success Before You Do Any Work.

How Normal People Create Digital Product Businesses That Work.
You’ll Learn the Secret Daily Habits and Mindset Tweaks that have helped Thousands of Normal People create Digital Product Based Businesses and Leave the Daily Grind of having a 9-5 Job.

Hungry Buyer Finder Secret #1
You’ll learn about a very special website that we use to create some of the most profitable products out there. This one secret is a goldmine and special if you’ve ever felt stuck trying to decide on what to sell.

Hungry Buyer Finder Secret #2
Believe it or not, you’ve got a power income stream running a business in your town right now. We’ll show you exactly how to leverage that and turn it into a profitable digital product.

Hungry Buyer Finder Secret #3
What if there was a way to guarantee that a large group of people purchased your digital product? And. What if you could help out your favorite local cause in the process? (this secret makes it a reality).

The “One Question Recycler” Technique
You’ll Learn how you can create one product and turn it into multiple income streams with about 5 minutes of extra work.

The Buyer Cage Questions
4 of the Most Important Questions that you can answer about the potential buyer if you digital product. Once you’ve answered these you’ll be able to create a product that will be impossible for your target customer to ignore.

PART 2: How Create a Digital Instruction Manual That Sells

The First Time Writer Fear Busting Technique
Most people out there think of writing is something that they hated back in Junior High. In this section you’ll learn why you are perfectly suited to write a digital book (even if you hate writing) and how it ends up being a lot of fun.

The “Write it in 5 Days” Formula
You’ll see exactly how to write, edit, and format your digital ebook in just 5 days. This formula will change the way that you add value to the world and the way you make income forever.

How to Design the Perfect Book Cover
You’ll master how to make a great looking cover for your ebook in about 20 minutes using our Pre-Done Templates.

How to Make More With Income Multipliers
Why just settle on making money with your book when you can embed some power money makers right inside of your digital book. You’ll make income multiple times just by adding these simple things to your book.

PART 3: Setting Up Your Digital Product To Sell
(our million dollar setup revealed)

How to Write Your Sales Copy in 30 Minutes
You want people to really understand why your digital book will solve their problems. but maybe you aren’t great at writing persuasively. This section will show you why that doesn’t matter and how to sell online using a very simple tool.

How to Setup a Sales Page For Your Product
You’ll see the exact way that we setup webpages that sell our digital products like crazy. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll be able to set you own sales website up in under and hour.

How to Take Money for Your Product
Taking payments online isn’t easy unless you’ve got a guide. We’ve processed millions of dollars in sales online and will show you exactly how to do it. NOTE: You don’t have to be a Geek to Do this.

How to Instantly Deliver Your Product to Customers Online
We’re not leaving anything out. We’ll show you exactly how to deliver your product to your buyers right after they purchase from you.

How to Put all of Your Buyers on an Email List
One of the secrets to building a real business online is to set yourself up to sell your new products to people who bought your last product. This all happens with email. We’ll Show you How.

PART 4: How to Get in Front of a Ton of Buyers.
(even when you don’t have a ton of money to spend)

Buyer Traffic without Ads
You’ll learn exactly how to sell your product without having to spend a dime on ads. Our “Buyer Magnets” are the secret behind why anyone can make their first $1000 selling their digital product.

Buyer Magnet #1: The Devil You Know Method

Buyer Magnet #2: The Online Ghost Writer Method

Buyer Magnet #3: The Facebook Group Chip Shot Method

Buyer Magnet #4: The Instagram Royalty Method

Buyer Magnet #5: The Fund Raiser Power Play

Buyer Magnet #6: The Network Rebrand


The VIP Experience Package Includes:

Access to the Live VIP Experience Session with Ben Adkins
On this special call you’ll get a behind the scenes look at how Fearless Social CEO, Ben Adkins, scaled his first $1000 dollars in Online Sales (from selling a $7 product) into a multi-million dollar per year business.

Professionally Prepared Notes of Both Session
Super Busy with your Existing Business? Skip the Calls and Watching the Replays and Just Take Advantage of our Professionally written notes.

The “Best Purchase Ever” Email Sequence
The Secret to Building a Business with Your Digital Products is in the Followup. You’ll Learn about how we Help Customer Understand that they made the right decision buying from us (and how this leads to future sales).

The “Freebie First Sales Machine” Explained
You’ll Learn the Secrets Behind Getting Email Addresses from Your Target Audience and Turning those Email Addresses into a Full time Income.

Adding Money with Upsells (full walkthrough)
Once you start making sales, you’ll want to make sure you can add opportunities for your customers to buy more from you. We’ll show you exactly how we do it (it’s easy once you make the first sale).

How to Sell Digital Products with Facebook Ads
When you’re ready to start hitting a mass market (after you’ve made 5-10k without ads) you’ll want to start using Facebook Ads. We’ll show you the right way to sell digital products with Facebook Ads.



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Ben Adkins – Fearless Sales Template

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Fearless Sales Template

Sale Page: _

Price: $199.95



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Ben Adkins – The Pinterest Product Method

Name Product: Ben Adkins – The Pinterest Product Method

Sale Page: _

Price: $49.95

If you create digital products in any niche and want to do it faster, create more unique and valuable solutions for your potential buyers, and want to let Pinterest do the heavy lifting in your Product Creation Process.

Inside of “Pinterest Product Method” You Get:

The “Desperate for Your Product Niche Finder” Technique:
Inside of this short tutorial you’ll see how we take a “generic topic” and then fit it to a smaller audience so that it is “custom fit” to them. Using this technique to find your niche will position you in a league of your own. As a Result, you’ll have next to no competition for the product that Pinterest is about to help you create.

The Pinterest Infographic Rework Method:
This is Revolutionary… When I was shown how to do this I was blown away by the genius behind it. Inside of this section you’ll get a complete framework on how to create your product using infographics that Pinterest has already Battle Tested in your Niche. You won’t believe how fast you can map and create your product once you see how this works.

The Pinterest Repin Shakedown Method:
Using a powerful Chrome Extension we’re able to pull even more data out of Pinterest and use that info to create a product that your audience won’t be able to resist. When you see an example of how this product comes together you’ll be blown away by how hard you’ve been making it (but you won’t anymore).

“Map to Product Technique” Explained:
Inside of this section you’re going to get to watch us take the information that we gained from the two methods above and turn them into the BONES of our Product. (this is essential to creating products fast… so you don’t get lost in the middle of writing)

Our “Create it Fast” Digital Product Template:
Simply Put, You’re going to get the Template that we use to quickly turn our mapped products into “real life moneymakers”.

The “Create a Best Seller Live Experience”
I Live This Stuff and I want to Put my Money where my Mouth is. You’re going to get a seat for a Live Call Where I’m going to use Everything that I show you Inside to Find a Profitable Niche, Research it, Map out, and Create a High Value Digital Product Right In Front of Your Eyes. THIS LIVE CALL will Be Worth 10x what you Invest into the Course.



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Ben Adkins – Living Emails (Complete)

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Living Emails (Complete)

Sale Page:

Price: $497

Ready to Start Using Email Marketing To Build your Business on Autopilot? The Living Emails Program will Show you How to Build a Smart Email Marketing Program that will literally work on Autopilot for your Business 24/7.

Session 1: The Core Creation Formula

Zero in on your Customers so you Can Sell More of your Product or Service
In this section we’re going to show you exactly what questions you need to answer to zero in on your target market and get you ready to create the material that will help build trust and convert more buyers.

Session 2: Trust Building Deliverables

Learn how to Create the Material that will brand you as an Expert in your Industry and power you email marketing.
I give you the templates and show you exactly how to create content that will sell for you while you sleep. This material is what will help create customers and support your Living Emails Campaigns.

Session 3: Connections and Tracking

Take our Proven Active Campaign Email Automation “Guts” for your own and learn how to track and tag everything.
Inside of this section I’ll show you how to setup the guts of your Living Email Campaigns and give you all of our pages, funnels, and tagging structures. After we get done with this section we’ll be ready to insert our Proven Living Email Scripts.

Session 4: The Living Email Formulas and Scripts

Use our Proven Email Scripts and Get Ready to Convert and Tag like a Pro
Inside of this section I’ll hand over our private email scripts that you can plug into your marketing and use them to sell more and prep your subscribers for powerful promotions using the power of tagging.

Session 5: Driving Targeted Traffic

Get the Right Traffic into your Living Email System and Power Your Business
Inside of this section I’ll show you how to drive traffic from the following sources:

1) Complimentary Business Partnerships
2) Solo Ad Traffic
3) Facebook Ads
4) Targeted Paid Media



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Ben Adkins – Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula

Sale Page:

Price: $299

A Step by Step Facebook Advertising System Designed to Help you Get Cheaper Clicks and Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Ads (through making minor but powerful changes).

So… Who is This For?
If you have a product for sale that you’d
like to get in front of more of the right people,
this Blueprint will Change Your Business in a big way.
What’s Inside of My “Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula”?

The Full Ad Maturing System
You’ll get all of the details on why bidding low and being a little more patient is the secret to creating ads that are insanely cheap (as long as you follow the formula and get good engagement… more on that in the next bullet point)
My 6 Part Ad Creation Formula
6 Power Pieces that you must focus on in order to create an ad that is a little “odd”. This simple ad creative formula makes ads that are shareable and hard not to click on. Yes… This Type of Ad Creative makes People want to SHARE Your Ad.
My Simple Ad Image Creation Formula
I’ll show you the powerful psychological triggers that I use when selecting an ad image. Doing this will take a few extra minutes when you look for an ad image, but the results make it worth it in a big way.
The Brand Image Secret
Most people don’t realize how much this little image matters to your ad. When you shift how you use this image, however, you’ll notice a big spike in engagement because people stop feeling marketed to.
My Post Text Rule
I’ll show you the simple reason why “less is more” when writing the text that surrounds your ad.
My Ad Headline Formula
This is worth 100x what you’ll pay for the course. You could ignore everything else in the course and this one thing would change your ad clickthrough immediately (but don’t ignore the other stuff… I want you to get every advantage possible in your next ad campaign!)
The Ad Comment, Like, and Share Secret
I’ll show you why my ads get a ton of likes, comments, and shares, while most people can’t even get link clicks. I’ll also walk you through why getting likes, comments and shares is extremely important to your ad spend going down.
How to Put It All Together in 1 Ad.
You’ll learn how to put everything you learn about my ad formula together to create an ad that plays perfectly into Facebook’s Ad Algorithm.
But Hang On…
I’m not done.
You can get everything inside of the Foolproof Facebook Ads Formula for the crazy price I’ve offered for the first 300, or you can invest a little more and get the “Foolproof Facebook Ads Advanced” Package…
What’s Inside the Advanced Package?

You Get Everything Inside of Foolproof Facebook Ads and you’ll also get access to a my Proprietary “Facebook Ad Targeting Formula”.
When you use the Foolproof Ad Formula with the Foolproof Targeting Formula you’ll see the real secret behind why I pay 50% less for my ads than most people on the planet.
The Targeting Techniques Inside the Advanced Package Include:

My 3 Part Facebook Ad Targeting Technique.
My Broad Targeting Method.
Income Based Targeting Explained.
My Secret Weapon: Buyer Intent Targeting.
How to Combine all 3 for Rock Bottom Ad Spend and Maximum Conversions.
This simple 3 Part Facebook Ad Targeting Method has been a secret weapon for myself and my mastermind members for months and now you can get access to it for your business.


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Ben Adkins – Tribe Architect

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Tribe Architect

Sale Page:

Price: $499.95

What’s Inside of The Tribe Architect Immersion Training?

Week 1:

Building Your Tribe’s Hook

(Creating a Killer 30 Day Challenge)

Inside of this Session, Ben will walk you through the step by step method of creating a “30 day challenge” that your potential customers won’t be able to refuse. This will get them excited about becoming a part of your tribe and help you get them on your list and in your group.

Inside This Session you’ll Learn:

The 5000 Member Blueprint
I’ll show you the exact plan of how you can build a 5000 person tribe over the next 6 months using the Challenge Model over and over again. This Blueprint is going to give you the direct path for everything you’re building and give you a timeline with deadlines to complete every step,
The 30 Challenge Creation Formula
(NEVER BEFORE REVEALED) I’ll walk you through the simple formula that you can take into any industry and instantly create a challenge that people will be attracted to. This simple formula is worth millions to my business and you’ll get access to it for the first time anywhere.
The 4 Week Challenge Progression Plan
I’ll help you build an exact roadmap for how your challenge will work (for those going through it) so that you can automate 90% of the work before your challenge even starts. This makes it easy to focus on supporting your members in the group as the challenge progresses automatically in the background.
This first Session is Powerful because when we’re done you’ll have your bait created and a powerful way to attract TARGETED Potential Customers to your Business (and a way to get them a result before they ever pay you a dime). This is monster for building trust and building long term raving fans for your business.

Week 2:

Setting Up Your Tribe’s Home
(The Technical Mechanics Session)

In this Session we’ll Build all of the Pieces that you Need to Create, Run, and Power your Community so that your members are happy and you are setup to generate income from your group month after month.

Inside This Session you’ll Learn How to Create

The 30 Challenge Gateway Page
I’ll walk you through how to create an optin page that is both enticing and gets your potential customers ready to participate. It will serve to explain the challenge as well as get them geared up to join your ongoing community.
The Group Builder Page
What happens after the optin is key. I’ll show you how to create a page that gets your potential customers fired up and brands you as a celebrity before they ever step foot inside of your community. This is a key component to the system that you must do correctly.
The Autoresponder Automations:
One of the most powerful parts of the Tribe Architect System is automating things so that you can spend your time interacting with your members inside of your group/community. Inside of this section I’ll show you how to automate the “Challenge” portion using automated emails.
Building your Tribe’s Hangout
I’ll walk you through the key components of setting up the perfect place for your tribe to hangout (a facebook group) and I’ll show you how to protect yourself from any Facebook Changes down the road.
When you get through this session you’ll know exactly how to build and custom fit my Tribe Building Templates to Your Business. Once this Session is done you’ll know exactly how to setup all the visual pieces of the System
(The ones that will attract your Tribe).

Week 3:

Running Your Challenge and Group
(the week by week setup)

Now that you’ve decided on what kind of challenge your want to run and you’ve built the “Attraction Pieces”, it’s time to go through exactly how we’ll run the challenge and the day to day of the group. This is key to keeping the group moving so that it doesn’t die… even after the challenge is over.

Inside This Session you’ll Learn:

The Tribe Rules Template.
Running the Tribe the Weeks Before a Challenge.
Running the Tribe During a Challenge.
Running your Tribe During Non Challenge Months.
(the day to day templates)
How to Make Tribe Members Moderators the Right Way.
When you get through this short and powerful session you’ll have the templates that you need to run your tribe smoothly and in a way that doesn’t suck up all your time.

(while still making it look like you’re always present)

Week 4:

Monetizing Your Tribe
(the 10k Per Month Formula)

The most important part of running a tribe is the income that you generate as you help them achieve their goals. Inside of this session I’ll walk you through the formula that you can use to generate 10k per month from your Tribe.

Inside This Session you’ll Learn:

The Challenge Transition Offer
I’ll show you how to transition out of your challenge into an extremely cool and smooth product promo (this makes it a no brainer for your newer Tribe Members to purchase from you).
The New Hotness Promo Formula
I’ll walk you through how to introduce new products to your tribe without it seeming like you’re making a pitch.
The Antique Promo Formula
You’re going to occasionally want to reintroduce older products to your Tribe. So how do you do that and still make sure they have the “shine” of a new product? I’ll show you inside.
The Product I Should Create Siphon Technique
This is one of my greatest secrets and I’ve use it for years to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in the span of 72 hours. I’ll walk you through exactly how you can do it inside.
When you get through this session you’ll have a mastery in how to monetize your Tribe without it ever seeming like your being a pushy sales person. This take everything you’ve built and turns it into money in your pocket.

Bonus #1:

Growing Your Tribe with Facebook

Inside of this very special bonus I’ll hand you an ad template and campaign that you can use to get your “30 day challenge” in front of Highly Targeted Customers who are Hungry to be a part of your Tribe (they just don’t know it yet.

With this Bonus you’ll have everything you need to grow your Tribe to 5000 members and beyond using the power of Facebook.

Bonus #2:

Growing Your Tribe with Instagram

Instagram is a monster when it comes to building a Profitable Community using the “Tribe Architect” System. Inside of this bonus I’ll show you a powerful case study of how it’s being done right now and how you can mimic the technique of the case study to use Instagram to blow up your Tribe’s Members (and grow your income).



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Ben Adkins – Fearless Ad Lab

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Fearless Ad Lab

Sale Page: _

Price: $997

Your Step-by-Step System for Setting Up, Tracking, and Scaling Facebook Ads
So You Can Grow Your Business Using the World’s Largest Social Network.

What’s Inside of Fearless Ad Lab?
(all of these areas are constantly updated with Facebook’s Current Changes)

– Ad Lab Area 1: Foundation of an Amazing Ad
One of the main reasons that people fail when running their ads is that they haven’t done the “non ad work” that is necessary to have a successful campaign. In this area of Ad Lab we’ll be laying the foundation of everything you need to setup before even setting up your first ad inside of Facebook.

– Ad Lab Area 2: Professional Ad Targeting
In this Area of Ad Lab we’ll dive in deep with targeting like a professional so that you can get the right exposure for your product for the least possible cost.

– Ad Lab Area 3: How to Build the Perfect Ad
Once you’ve mastered how to target your ideal audience you’ll want to move on to Area 3 and start building an ad that speaks to them in the most perfect way possible. In this Area of the Lab you’ll Learn exactly how to do just that.

– Ad Lab Area 4: Pixels Explained (Conversion Tracking and Retargeting)

The most important thing you can do when running any type of ad is tracking your conversions and building upon the money you’ve invested to make your life easier down the road. That’s where tracking pixels come into play. In this session we’ll cover exactly how to use pixels to grow your business and know if your ads are effective.



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[Special Offer] Ben Adkins – Video Ad Blueprint

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Video Ad Blueprint
COST: $299.5
Size: 357 MB
Sale page:

Your Step-by-Step System for Using Facebook Video Ads to
Sell Your Digital and Physical Products.
Complete with Video Ad Templates to Make Creating Everything Fast.

What’s Inside of the Social Video Ad Blueprint?

Section 1: How to Grab on to The Video Ad Opportunity
– The Secret Behind Why Facebook Favors Video Ads
– In the last 6 months, Facebook has made major changes to the way it displays video in the newsfeed. If you understand the changes and how they work, you’ll have a big advantage. We’ll Explain exactly what has happened and how to use it to your Business’ Advantage inside.
– What Kind of Video Ads are Best for Selling Digital Products, Software, and Memberships
– There is a very special kind of Facebook Video Ad that you need to create to sell digital based products and software. We’ll go through the exact setup inside and give you access to the template to create this type of video ad yourself.
– What Kind of Video Ads are Best For Selling Physical Products to Your Audience
– Selling Physical Products using Video Ads are an entirely different story. You need to use a very specific type of video ad. We’ll talk you through how to structure this video and create it fast without having to use any special equipment.

Section 2: The Video Ad Lifter Method
– Video Ad Best Practices
– In this section you’ll learn about the best way to time your videos, the 3 main things each video ad must do, as well as other best practices that you wouldn’t know unless you had experience running ads. You can skip all of that learning curve in this section.
– What is a Lifter Video
– Facebook is not the place to try to make the sale. You have to use something called a “Lifter Video” when you run video ads. In this section we’ll cover what that is and why it is so important when running videos ads on Facebook.
– How to Create a “Case Study” Lifter Video
– This very special kind of video is highly effective in selling Digital Products, Software, Memberships, and even the right kind of Physical product. In this section you’ll learn how to determine if this is the right video for your business and how to set it up from the ground up.
– How to Create an Unboxing Lifter Video
– This very special kind of video is highly effective in selling a physical product that doesn’t fit into the “problem solver” category. Inside this section you’ll learn about when to use this video and how to create it.
– How to Use the Video Ad Slideshow Feature
– Facebook has a very special feature which allows you to build a video from a set of images. Inside this section you’ll learn when is the right time to use this and how to create the video easily (and keep it converting).

Section 3: How to Target Your Video Ads
– The Core Video Ad Targeting Method
– You’ll Learn the key tactic to targeting your audience inside of Facebook’s Ad Manager. You’ll get a formula that you can use over and over to make sure your video ads get seen and end up connecting with your audience (and setting them up to become a buyer).
– How to Recycle Videos for New Audiences
– One of the most powerful features of video ads is the fast way you can use them to catch a person’s interest and bond with them. Using this Genius Tactic you can make sure that one video connects with multiple audiences like you were talking directly to them.
– Video Ad SMART Retargeting
– One of the most powerful ways to use video ads on Facebook is to only show a video to someone who has already seen a certain page on the web. We’ll walk through that tactic and make sure you are ready to take advantage of this killer method.
– The 10 Second Budget Saver
– You’ll get a quick insight as how one click can save you a ton on your Video Ads (its a silly little hidden feature that makes a big difference.

Section 4: How to Tracks Your Video Ads Effectiveness
– Basic Video Ad Tracking
– In this video you get an inside view on how we track everything so that we know which ads are the most effective and which ones to kill quickly. This One Section is worth the entire cost of Video Ad Blueprints because of how much money you’ll save after you watch it.
– Tracking Key Actions
– You’ll learn how to track actions like optins and video watches throughout your funnel so that you can move people through your funnel intelligently and so that you can fix weak portions in your video ad funnels.
– Tracking through Multiple Sales
– You’ll also Learn how to see which video ads are actually leading to sales. This is important because some videos can be getting a ton of views and engagement, but not leading to actual sales. You’ll Learn how to Make sure that a Video Ad Campaign is actually paying off.

Section 5: Cool Stuff that Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else
– How to Create High Converting Instagram Video Ads For Your Business.
– How to instantly take everything you’ve learned inside of this course and use it to run high converting ads on Instagram.
– How to Create Video Lead Ads
– Lead Ads are hot because you can get someone to optin to your list without them ever leaving Facebook. We’ll Show you how to set them up inside.


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