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[Special Offer] Matt Schmitt – Million Dollar Shopify Store Coaching Program

Name Product: Matt Schmitt – Million Dollar Shopify Store Coaching Program
COST: $997
Size: 3.7 GB
Sale page:

Watch as we take a store from 0 to $100,000 – so that you can implement along with us.  We will show you every aspect of our store.  No stone will be left unturned for you.  See what it takes to build a million dollar per year brand, so you can do it too!



– Week 1 – Strategy and Planning
We cover the foundation of our new business.  See everything it takes to set yourself up for a successful 7 figure brand.

– Week 2 – Product Catalog Strategy
What products get put into a 7 figure brand? We don’t load our stores with just anything. This is key for maximizing your current customers and future customers.

– Week 3 – Multiplying Our Traffic
Time to scale up and out.  We will deep dive into our strategy for bringing in other traffic resources, scaling out our current ads, and agressively going for that 6 figures in the month

– Week 4 – Event & Trend Opportunties
Learn how to maximize sales during special events or trends in your niche.  Q4 is packed with these opportunities and we will show you how we plan to capitiliza

– Week 5 – Outsourcing Your Business
We will be building our team out this entire time, but in this week we will focus on the process involved in it.  Learn how to outsource everything from customer service to your ads.  Expaning to 7 figures can’t be done alone.

– Week 6 – Brand Building
The biggest Shopify stores online have one thing in common… they have a brand.  Reliable income and repeat sales are easiest when you establish yourself as a brand.  Watch as we build ours so you can build yours.


This isn’t you watching us, we want you implementing along side of us.  We will be holding you accountable so that you can get the absolute most out of your investment here today.  Watch us live then go take action.

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eCom Accelerator Live Coaching Program 2015

Name Product: eCom Accelerator Live Coaching Program

Sale Page: _

Price: $127

The thing about this is, even though it’s by far the lowest risk system that I’ve ever seen, with the smallest investment required, it still produces results far superior to most everything that’s being taught out there right now



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[Special Offer] Sonia Stringer – Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring Coaching Program

Name Product: Sonia Stringer – Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring Coaching Program
COST: $397
Size: 2.55 GB
Sale page:_

Feeling frustrated because people aren’t taking you –
or your business opportunity – seriously?

Find out how a simple shift in what you SAY to
prospects can help you boost your sales volume 25-60%
and recruit 2-6 new biz builders in the next month!
“The Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring”
How to Talk About Your Business So People “GET IT” and Get Excited
(to Buy Your Products and Join Your Team!)
Self-Study Coaching Program with Sonia Stringer

The “Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring” is a self-study “do at your own pace” coaching program where you’ll learn how to talk about your products and opportunity so prospects sit up and take notice.

Hundreds of women (and men!) from many network marketing/direct sales companies have already gone through this training, and the response has been amazing!

Many have reported a boost in their sales and biz growth anywhere from 25-60% in as little as a MONTH!

…and some people who’d NEVER recruited a single person added 2 – 6 new business builders to their team within weeks of starting this training.

As you can probably tell, I’m VERY proud of this program. Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned leader, what you learn can make an immediate and immense difference in your sales and sponsoring results.

And this program can definitely work for you too. As you dive in, you’ll instantly improve your selling and sponsoring skills, and be able to…

–        Understand the important psychology behind selling and sponsoring and discover why people REALLY join your biz (it’s not what you think!)Once you know this, you’ll be able to elegantly influence people to buy your products and join your team, but never have to be pushy or sales-y in any way!
–        Find out the real reason you’ve been struggling to recruit people, and how 1 simple change in what you say makes all the difference in how excited people get about your opportunity…
–        Discover the 4 killer common mistakes EVERY networker makes that are keeping you from making the income you deserve (and learn 4 simple changes that can grow your team and check quickly)…
–        Find out the #1 reason people cancel meetings with you (I bet you’ll be surprised). When you know this, you’ll have fewer cancellations and less white space on your calendar!
–        Learn what to say when asking people to host a show/class/party so you can book your calendar full of appointments that stick!
–        Find out what to say when networking “live” so people are excited to give you their business card and book a coffee date with you….

–    Know what to say when inviting someone to an opportunity meeting, so they say YES (and actually show up!).
–    Find out what “magic words” to include on a biz card that inspire people to call YOU!
–    The key “verbiage” you need when networking online (on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest etc) if you want people to pay attention and respond to your offers and invitations…
–    Learn how to write “power messages” in emails and on websites that attract new leads and generate a lot more sales…
–    Discover what you MUST include on your profile or page (in Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc) if you want people to contact you about your business…
–    Learn how to coach your team so they have the confidence and skills to bring on strong new business builders…

By the end of this program, you’ll find it’s MUCH easier to sell products and recruit new biz builders (while feeling completely confident, comfortable and authentic).


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $27.96 ($39.95)

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Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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4-Week Jump-Start Coaching Program by Ryan Lee

Name Product: 4-Week Jump-Start Coaching Program by Ryan Lee

Sale Page:

Price: $997

So here’s the deal…

For the New Year, I’m doing something unheard of.

I’m doing a LIVE, online group coaching program for all of January. It’s called the 2015 Jump-Start program.

Every week, for 4 weeks, we’ll get on for a LIVE group coaching session. I’ll be teaching, coaching and answering questions – all designed to help you reach your financial goals.

I’ll also bring on some very special guest experts, to give you the latest techniques for income generation (list-building, publishing, podcasting, etc. ).
This is the EXACT kind of program I’ve offered in the past.. and charged up to $5,000.00 PER PERSON to attend.

However, as I said, I truly want to help people who really want the it.

So you can now attend this entire 4-week LIVE coaching program (and get the video recordings as well) for a “Name Your Own Price”.

That’s right. Simply tell me what you think is a “fair” price to attend this coaching program and you’re in.

Your “I really want to join but can’t afford it” excuses are now officially over.

Together, we are going to change things and raise the bar.

I cant wait to work with you. Click the “I Want This” button on the top right, then, “name your price” – and you’re in! (the first class starts on January 2nd).

No catch. No “upsell” into something more expensive.

You get a $5,000.00 coaching program – with zero excuses.



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