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Frank Kern – High Paid Advisor

Name Product: Frank Kern – High Paid Advisor

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Price: $125

If you’re interested in bumping up your consulting fees – elegantly. Targeting only people that are ready to implement your product or service, right now. Finally getting PAID what you are worth…  this training package, is for you.

This material goes from: Simple Profitability to Advanced Scalability
Frank Kern thoroughly explains his very smart marketing/delivery model.
You will have plenty of Client and Money Getting Fun… while shedding road-blocks and bottle-necks.

WHO IS THIS FOR:  A person or company with a life changing product or service… that has had some success — but not enough, yet.  A person or company that needs a real paradigm shift:  Doing the same work, in less time… keeping way more of the profits, realizing across-the-board customer satisfaction, with way less stress.

MINIMUM TAKE-AWAY:  You will Believe in, Price Elasticity and Simplicity

WHO IS THIS NOT FOR:  A collector of information, the dreamer with No Track-Record… due to taking No Specific Action. (keep your money)

As you can see, there’s a huge amount of material, to get fired-up about.



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[Special Offer] Frank Kern – Client Acquisition System 2016

Name Product: Frank Kern – Client Acquisition System 2016
COST: $3997
Size: 3.4 GB
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Client Acquisition System

Identify Your Most Valuable Contribution

Consitenttly Attract Those Clients. Convert Them to Sale. Customize Your Business To Suit Your Lifestyle.

…ONLY Doing Your Highest Value, Most Rewarding Work.

During this class, you’ll learn: 

–    How to determine your ideal number of clients by reverse engineering your income targets and lifestyle goals.
–    Exactly how much to charge per client in order to have the perfect practice.
–    Your most valuable work that produces the most revenue.
–    Which prospects are likely to pay you the most …with the least resistance.
–    How to use Omnipresence to magnetically attract those prospects to you.
–    How to convert your ideal prospects into highly interested leads using the Low Hanging Fruit, Midlevel, and Cold Campaigns.
–    How to convert leads into clients using the collaborative close, interview-takeaway, and discovery day methods.


What’s you get?
(Check Youtube video above for detail)



Frank Kern – Info Business Blueprint

Name Product: Frank Kern – Info Business Blueprint

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Price: $1997

Here’s What’s Inside .
Info Business Blueprint is a five week online course that’s designed to help you do these four things:

Find out exactly what type of Information your prospects want to buy.
Quickly and easily create excellent Information products for them.
Use automation to turn prospects into customers repeatedly and consistently .even if you’re not there.
Get traffic from people who are already interested in what you’re selling.

Here’s How We’ll Do It:

Week 1: Escape And Arrival
The first thing you get in week one is clarity.

Week 2: Personalized Product Production
In week two, we do three things:

Week 3: Passive Selling Systems
Let’s talk about getting you PAID.

Week 4: Putting It All Together
Now it’s time to take what we’ve build and tie it all together into a well oiled selling machine.

Week 5: Buyer Traffic
Now that you’ve tied everything together, it’s time to get traffic.


01. Convert E-Book
02 How to Design Awesome Presentations
03. Consultant E-Book
04. Big Money Blueprint
05. The Automated System
06. 23 Million Dollar



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Frank Kern – The Legacy Collection

Name Product: Frank Kern – The Legacy Collection

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Price: $1997

Announcing The Legacy Collection!

As a way to celebrate 16 consecutive years serving the Internet Marketing community .and my children’s interest in what we all do, I’m making you the most generous (and insane) offer in the history of Internet Marketing.

When you accept this offer, you’re getting 96% off of my life’s work – the very same collection of products that have sold for a combined total of more than $53,797.

But when you accept this offer, your investment is just a tiny fraction of that.

Here’s what’s included .

1. Project OTF (Sold For $10,000.00)
2. Mass Control 2.0 (Sold for $1997.00)
3. Advanced Consulting Class
4. Millionaire Marketing Formulas (Sold for $10,000.00)
5. Magic Model (Sold for $10,000.00)
6. Ultimate Webinar Blueprint (Currently sells for $1,528.00)
7. Mass Conversion (Sold for $1,904.00)
8. List Control (Sold for $1997)
9. Video Black Box (Sells for $194)
10. Survey Siphon (Sells For $68)
11. Mass Control Monthly 3-Year Archives (Sold for $10,000.00)
And more …!



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[Special Offer] Frank Kern – High Level Fellowship

Name Product: Frank Kern – High Level Fellowship
COST: $6400
Size: 9 GB
Sale page: _

Phase 1: Six Weeks To Freedom

This is an interactive online LIVE class that starts on Monday, September 7th.

Every Monday, I’ll release the new course content into your members’ area, and you can watch it whenever you want …at your own pace. (It never goes away.)

And then, every Thursday, we meet LIVE …online …where I help you by answering your questions, reviewing your work, and basically working with you to make it happen.

Since we’re meeting online, we’ll be able to see one another if we need to, share screens, share files, and essentiallt create the same experience as if we were all in a classroom together …but you dont have to leave home.

And every live session will be recorded so if you miss one, dont worry …you can watch the recordings whenever you want!

Here’s Exactly What We’re Covering Together

– Week 1: Finding The Money

Here’s our goal for Week 1: Our goal is for you to know exactly what to sell, exactly what to charge, exactly who to target, and exactly which model to use for maximum freedom and profitability.

– Week 2: What To Do When You GET The Money.

Our mission for week two is for you to know exactly how to keep clients happy and exactly how to run the “operations” side of your business so you’ll never be worried or overwhelmed by clients again.

This is extremely important because it gives you great confidence in knowing you’ll be worth the money …so you’ll have an easier time selling, marketing, and attracting customers and clients with total confidence.

– Week 3: Positioning: Pre-Framing, Indoctrination, And Conversion

By the end of week three, our goal is to have your ads, your opt in pages, your indoctrination materials, and your conversion methods all lined up and ready to go so you can start generating HIGH LEVEL leads.

– Week Four: Automation!

By the end of week four, you’ll know how to tie all the pieces together to form one well-oiled automated marketing system that delivers leads and customers consistently …without depending on your input or time!

– Week Five: High Level Traffic!

By the end of week five, you’ll know how to feed your “sales machine” with perfect HIGH LEVEL traffic by putting your message in front of HIGH LEVEL prospects ONLY …so you can truly get big sales from small lists.

You’ll also know how to MANUFACTURE CELEBRITY (for peanuts) …just for the people who matter and are most likely to give you money.

– Week Six: Selling With POWER!

By the end of week six, you’ll master FIVE different closing methods that require NO pressure, NO chasing, NO objection handling, and NO “salesiness”.

Regardless of your model, your price point, and your level of experience, I think we can agree on two things:

1. You’re getting EXACTLY what you need to attract, sell, service, and retain HIGH LEVEL clients and customers in a way that’s really beneficial and helpful to everybody you come into contact with.

2. You don’t need too many “yesses” to get a great return on your investment in this Fellowship.

But we’re not even close to being done. To make EXTRA sure this WILL WORK FOR YOU, you’re also getting …