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Online Business Superhero Summit 2015

Name Product: Online Business Superhero Summit 2015

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Price: $297

What’s Inside the Superhero Pack?

Reserve the Superhero Pack and you’ll receive complete Summit recordings of these TEN brand new, hyper-practical & valuable training sessions to help you massively grow your business. This material is valued at $10,000+ and you’ll receive the exact same “hush hush” strategies that others paid THOUSANDS for that are quietly generating thousands of clients & millions in revenues.

Also included in the Pack are complete transcripts for each session, and 1x-speed & 2x-speed MP3 audio files for listening on-the-go.

# 1. How to ‘Cold Email’ Any VIP, Build a Relationship,
and Turn that Relationship into Revenue – John Corcoran

# 2. More Sales and Revenue Using the Power of Auto-Selling:
3 Time-Tested Strategies Used by Top Online Marketers to
Generate More Sales Automatically! – Jon Benson

# 3. Grow to 8 Figures Per Year With This One “Weird” Idea – Jason Fladlien

# 4. 5 Key Strategies To Grow Your Web Traffic:
Learn How to Get over 5 Million Visitors a Year to Your Blog and
Website Without Paying Google or Facebook a Cent! – Jeff Bullas

# 5. The 4 Pillars of “Authentic Sales” To Have More of
the Right People Saying “Yes” to You! – Sage Lavine

# 6. 5 Steps To Creating An Extremely Lucrative, Fun and
100% Scaleable High Ticket Coaching Business In 3 Days
Or Less From Scratch – Mario Brown

# 7. How to Generate Leads, Sales, and Profits By Writing a
Bestselling Book in a Weekend – Alicia Dunams

# 8. Attract More Leads with the “Secret” Marketing Funnel that’s
Quietly Making Millions for the Biggest Marketers Online Today! – Todd Brown

# 9. Wealth Through Webinars : How to Optimize Online Webinars
to Make a BIG Difference… and Make BIG Money! – Justin Livingston

# 10. How to Find Your Business Superpower and How Focusing
on what You Love Can Actually Hold You Back From the
Success You Deserve! – Marisa Murgatroyd



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[Special Offer] Joshua Belanger – Online Business Made Simple With Amazon

Name Product: Joshua Belanger – Online Business Made Simple With Amazon
COST: $2000
Size: 4.57 GB
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Online Business Made Simple With Amazon
Making your first $100,000 step by step 11 – module course to achieving success selling your first product on Amazon and scaling it to a 6 figure business.

Yes Josh, I Want To Create Wealth, Freedom & Options For Myself With My Own Amazon Business!

My investment in your course will allow me to keep $3,500 extra in my bank account compared to the highest priced course.

This allows me to have more capital to achieve my goal of being successful with this business model.

Your investment to the Online Business Made Simple With Amazon today includes:
Making Your First $100,000 In Sales Step by Step 11 – Module Course.

–    Over 60 videos walking you through each process
–    11 current course modules
–    4 Excel Spreadsheets
–    5 case studies
–    Full list of product ideas of other private labeled products already sold on Amazon
–    Bonus – How To Sell On Amazon Without Ever Ordering Inventory Training ($500 Value)
–    Email support
–    Internal Private label Directory of over 1,000 Manufacturers (not found anywhere)

Today’s investment to change your financial future is only $2,000.00


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $41.96 ($59.95)

Payment Link
Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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Online Business – eCommerce Online Business Launch Strategy

Name Product: Online Business – eCommerce Online Business Launch Strategy

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Price: $497

The Ultimate Online Business – eCommerce Online Business Course for beginners.

Let me ask you a question…

Is Your Life Where You Imagined It Would Be?
Do you have the career you dream of?
Are you making enough money to do the things you love more often?
Would making a few thousand extra dollars on the side each month change your life?
Do you have the freedom and passive income you would like? Or are you chained to an office desk for the next 20 years?

Do you dream of quitting your 9 to 5?
And making your income online while traveling the World and having more free time to spend with your loved ones?

Let me show you exactly how I have done it.



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SuperHero Pack – Online Business Superhero Summit 2014

Name Product: SuperHero Pack – Online Business Superhero Summit 2014

Sale Page:

Price: $297

Latest Ideas & Strategies That Are Generating Thousands of New Clients & Millions in Revenues
If you’re building a business online, you know it’s a real challenge to keep track of all the moving pieces so your business keeps growing.

And with the constant advances online, it can be almost impossible to know what you should be focusing on now.

Should you be concentrating on generating more traffic? Conversion? Website? Content production? Product creation? Sales?

Even worse, there’s a lot of conflicting (and downright bad) advice out there peddled by people who should know better. Ideas and strategies that perhaps worked last year, but will send you broke if you waste your time and money on them now.

Our advice? Listen to people who are doing the work right now — day in, day out — for themselves.

Between them, our Superheroes of Online Business have built dozens of their own highly profitable businesses, not to mention been responsible for generating hundreds of millions in client revenues.

That means they not only know what’s working now, they’re inventing the future as we speak.

These will be the action plans, strategies & checklists you refer back to time and time again in 2014 and beyond.

You’ll receive:
10 complete, fully implementable roadmaps to turn on a flood of traffic, customers & sales in YOUR business
Unlimited online access to all ten Superhero training sessions to refer back to whenever you wish (20+ hours of cutting-edge training)
Complete resource downloads — we give you the video files, plus 1x-speed and 2x-speed MP3 versions in case you prefer to fly through the content to make the most of your time
Complete downloadable PDF transcripts of each session including the all-important Q&A time
1 x Complimentary ticket to Lisa Sasevich’s “LIVE Ultimate Sales Bootcamp” (worth $2,000)
1 x Complimentary ticket to Don Crowthers “Online Profit Summit” (worth $2,000)



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Boost Your Income From Home – How To Start An Online Business

Name Product: Boost Your Income From Home – How To Start An Online Business

Sale Page:

Price: $119

Step-by-step guide to earning a second income in only 2 hours per day from home. Learn how to start an online business.

This is a Noob Guide To Online Marketing.

This step-by-step approach will show you how to start an online business, working from home, and part time. All you need is a computer with internet access.

What You Will Learn

The course is designed to teach you:

How to start an online business from scratch
How to make money online with no out-of-pocket expenses
Learn about profitable niche markets and how to find the most lucrative niches.
How to become an affiliate and the steps in promoting a product.
What kind of preparation is needed to start making money with Affiliate Marketing.
How to create topic appropriate content for the product you are promoting.
Discover what auto responders are and how they help your affiliate sites run smoother.
How to grab your ClickBank affiliate link and use it on your free webpage.
Learn how to grab your Amazon affiliate link so that you may use it on your website.
Find out how to set up, post on, and edit your Weebly website.
Learn what you need to do in order for you website to look clean and professional
Find out how to setup Weebly for your amazon product.
Learn how to create a free report to give away in order to get email addresses onto your list.
Learn how you can create a free report for amazon products.
Learn how to upload your PDF file for use in your auto-response email.
Learn set up your auto-responder and integrate your free report with your autoresponder.
Find out how to make your affiliate website bring in traffic.
Find out how to increase traffic for your affiliate site through different free traffic generating methods.
Learn how to get your websites indexed quickly.



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