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Joshua Zamora – Vid Pro FE and OTO 1

Name Product: Joshua Zamora – Vid Pro FE and OTO 1

Sale Page: _http://efusionfox.com/vidpro-2/

Price: $27 + $37

Will You Be Prepared?
powerpoint templates

If that doesn’t show you that video is here to stay, I don’t know what will. However, not ALL videos are created equal.

How can you ensure that you can claim your piece of this video marketing pie? With so many people consuming video content now, you have to make sure you stand out. You have to make sure your videos are engaging. You have to make sure your videos are professional.

If not you will get lost in the sea of BORING videos and you don’t want to lose out on potential sales because of that, right?

Of course not! But how can you create great videos without spending THOUSANDS of dollars per video?

Well, that’s what brings you here today! Today, we’re going to equip you with some of our proven, video marketing templates to use in your business.

And Today, You Can Equip Yourself With Some Of The Best Templates That We Have In Our Video Marketing Vault



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BINGY – The Ultimate Bing Ranking Loophole + OTO 1

Name Product: BINGY – The Ultimate Bing Ranking Loophole + OTO 1

Sale Page: _http://bingy.me/jv/

Price: $17 + $37

Do you get trouble with promoting your product on the Internet? How you solve it? These are the questions which I want to ask modern online marketers.

The development of technology makes online market boom with unbelievable rate in recent years. Each day, there are millions of marketing contents are posted and there are millions of rivals are waiting for removing you out of their dust. Therefore, keep existing is really hart responsibility.

BINGY is a method developed, tested and used by ‘Me’ Mark Bishop with a view to dominating search engines for my keywords and entire niches.

The method behind BINGY allows anyone to rank a brand new site as well as existing websites on page #1 of Bing and Yahoo for specific keywords in days.

The most importantly BINGY is a course based on results which anyone can verify for themselves by simply logging into Bing.

5 detailed video
Full PDF transcribers and MP3
A PDF version of the ranking formula

People are often find it difficult to see actual value in a product which is why we decided to offer a downsell to Bingy.

With downsell package of Bingy, you will be received the entire formula in a LITE version. After purchasing, you will have chance to own the PDF version as well as the notes, updates, service provider links, as well as the case study and proof.

Oto 1:

Google is the king of the Internet. Understanding this trend, Bingy provide you Bingy2 package (Google Edition) including six videos, main PDF, Product creation PDF (Lead magnets), 4 PDF transcribes & MP3s, Notes + Links to service providers Plus of course the all-important case study and ranking proof.



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Anthony Morrison – Email Domination + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + OTO 3

Name Product: Anthony Morrison – Email Domination + OTO 1 + OTO 2 + OTO 3

Sale Page: _http://emaildomination.com/live/

Price: $67 + $197 + $99 + $47

You’ll Discover How To FINALLY Make Cash Online Sending
Simple Emails Even If You’ve Failed In The Past:

Use my secret weapon Inbox Multiplier software to get insane results.
Simple “Green” or “Red” buttons to make this as simple as possible!
My proven strategies to higher open rates, insane click through rates & profits
My secrets to list building that I’m willing to be you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE.
Case studies that will BLOW YOUR MIND…



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James Webb – Tube Jammer + OTO 1+ OTO 2

Name Product: James Webb – Tube Jammer +OTO 1+ OTO 2

Sale Page: http://tubejammerlive.com/earlybird

Price: $97

Dear Fellow Business Owners/Marketers,

If you are on this page then your probably looking to expand your horizons and grow your earnings via video and namely YouTube.

I know how it feels to need exposure for my business and not knowing how to go about it. I know what it is like to have a ZERO marketing budget. I know how it feels to have a FLAT YouTube account having ZERO views, nobody clicking your links, no shares. If you have ever felt like too then today is your lucky day. In under 3 hrs from now, you can start to make good money with Youtube. You can do this easily, with no outlay whatsoever – and with ZERO prior experience! This is 100% tried and true.

Just imagine being able to sit back while your videos generate you sale after sale, day after day, week after week.

Join me, James Webb, as I show you how to build a YouTube Empire piece by piece in this awesome video course. Over 3.5+ hours of incredibly easy to follow instructions as you watch over the shoulder of the master in action. And let me be perfectly clear about something… this is not just another YouTube junker replaying all the old tired wannabe tricks and basics. This stuff is amazing!

I have seen many YouTube products over the years in my IM carreer and this blows them all completely out of the water. New strategies, fresh content, insane conversion strategies, and did I forget to mention PROOF.

There is a lot of information online about YouTube Marketing for businesses. Much of this information contains techniques that are not used anymore after the recent 2013 updates. That’s why a complete step-by-step video training guide has been created to show you exactly how you can easily, correctly and safely position your business on YouTube today.

These latest and most effective YouTube Marketing Techniques take just minutes to apply.

This course will help you to:

Get your business on YouTube today.
Set up your business’ YouTube Channel safely and quickly.
Build your business’ brand in lightning speed.
Gain massive exposure.
Optimize and Monetize existing videos.
Drive huge amounts of traffic to your business and offers.
Increase your offline and online profits.
And much more…



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Paul Nicholls – Solo Ad Professor + OTO 1 (Solo Ad Rolodex)

Name Product: Paul Nicholls – Solo Ad Professor + OTO 1 (Solo Ad Rolodex)

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/959049-wso-day-steal-closely-guarded-solo-ad-buying-formula-500-sold.html

Price: $8.84 + $23

This is unlike anything you have ever seen before

Many of the strategies, tips, tactics and methods that I reveal in solo ad professor I have not seen anyone else teach. It could be for any number of reasons. It could be that hardly no one thinks to use these powerful strategies or worse that they don’t want you to actually succeed when buying solo ads.

Everything I reveal in this video series is the most up to date strategies and tactics that I am using right now to bank crazy profits when buying solo ads to build my email lists.

What You Will Learn in Solo Ad Professor
How to double, treble and even quadruple your profits when buying solo ads
How to almost guarantee that you only buy top quality solo ads that will send you buying traffic
Why a high opt in rate could be damaging your solo ad results
The 1 Free “super tool” I use track the profitability of all my solo ads. This 1 tool will make it much easier for you to track your results
The “dilute” strategy I have been using for over 2 years that increases my OTO sales as much as 25% (hardly no one does this)
The 1 number you need to focus on with every solo ad you buy. Forget this and you will be marketing blind for years
The best types of offers to sell as your OTO to make the maximum amount of money back from your solo ad
How to actually set up brand new solo ad campaigns in just 3 minutes
1 crucial tactic you MUST be using on both your squeeze page and sale page to increase your OTO conversions. (this works like gangbusters)
The crucial time frame that you need to focus on to “make the sale” once they are on your list
The best type of swipe to use, how to create it and why you MUST use one with all your solo ad campaigns
The x5 cash cranking types of sales funnels you need to know when using solo ads
The 1 tweak I made which increased my solo ad profits by 20%
The killer “out of the box” way to create your squeeze page
A behind the scenes look at my solo ad squeeze page and sales page so you can see what a high converting funnel looks like
And lots more…



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