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Dan Kennedy Products Collection

Name Product: Dan Kennedy Products Collection

Sale Page:

Dan Kennedy Products Collection | ~ 180 GB

I’ve created a collection of Dan kennedy’s products. about 180 GB total but you can separate download. Have fun !

I’ve updated Missing links on Speedyshare. You should re-download to see full content.
List of products:

Bill Glazer – The Ultimate Information Marketing Shortcut
Dan Kennedy – 15 Money Making Reports
Dan Kennedy – 63 Killer Marketing Strategies
Dan Kennedy – 97 Strategies Checklist From The Copywriting Clinic
Dan Kennedy – Advanced Coaching & Consulting Bootcamp NOTES
Dan Kennedy – Area Exclusive
Dan Kennedy – Big Mouth Big Money
Dan Kennedy – Info Marketing Letter – Special Report 21
Dan Kennedy – Info-Summit 2009 + Rich Coach Day Notes by LuckyDogInc – Bill Glazer GKIC
Dan Kennedy – Infusionsoft Preloaded Content Guide
Dan Kennedy – Interview on Creative Thinking
Dan Kennedy – Look Over My Shoulder Program February 2004
Dan Kennedy – Look Over My Shoulder Program January 2004
Dan Kennedy – Look Over Shoulder – April 2007
Dan Kennedy – Look Over Shoulder – August 2007
Dan Kennedy – Look Over Shoulder – February 2007
Dan Kennedy – Look Over Shoulder – July 2007
Dan Kennedy – Look Over Shoulder – June 2007
Dan Kennedy – Magnetic Marketing System Kit Book
Dan Kennedy – Make ‘Em Laugh & Take Their Money
Dan Kennedy – Marketing To The Mass-Affluent – December 08
Dan Kennedy – Marketing To The Mass-Affluent – November 08
Dan Kennedy – Marketing To The Mass-Affluent – October 08
Dan Kennedy – My Unfinished Business – Second Edition 2009
Dan Kennedy – No B.S. Business Success In The New Economy 2010
Dan Kennedy – No B.S. Business Success
Dan Kennedy – No B.S. Sales Success In The New Economy 2010
Dan Kennedy – No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs
Dan Kennedy – No B.S. Wealth Attraction In The New Economy 2010
Dan Kennedy – No BS Ruthless Management of People and Profits
Dan Kennedy – No BS Sales Success NOTES
Dan Kennedy – Notes from 8 years of Kennedy Gold Newsletter
Dan Kennedy – Personality In Copy NOTES
Dan Kennedy – POWER POINTS
Dan Kennedy – Promotional Merchandise and Close-out Manual
Dan Kennedy – Renegade Millionaire NOTES
Dan Kennedy – Running a SUCCESSFUL Copywriting Business
Dan Kennedy – Summary Of Everything He’s Taught About PRICE From Over 35 Programs
Dan Kennedy – Summary Of Everything He’s Taught About RETENTION From Over 35 Programs
Dan Kennedy – The Phenomenon 2009
Dan Kennedy – The Seven Biggest Lessons I’ve learned From Platinum
Dan Kennedy – The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur
Dan Kennedy – The Ultimate Sales Letter, 2nd Edition PDF file OCR Optimized
Dan Kennedy – The Ultimate Sales Letter
Dan Kennedy – The Ultimate Success Secret
Dan Kennedy – Ultimate Marketing & Entrepreneurship NOTES
Dan Kennedy – Ultimate Marketing Plan
Dan Kennedy & Chip Kessler – Making Them Believe How One of America’s Legendary
Dan Kennedy & David Hilton – The Ultimate Success Secret – Revisited 2010
Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul – Joint Venture Back End Seminar NOTES
Dan Kennedy & Sydney Biddle Barrows – Uncensored Sales Strategries XXX-Rated Secrets 2009
Dan Kennedy -Rich Coach Bonus Day NOTES
Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer & Lee Milteer – Secrets of Peak Performers 2009
Dan Kennedy’s A-Z Blueprint Seminar Home Study Course NOTES
Kennedy Business Advisors Program Notes
Magnetic marketing for Chiropractors
Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy – The New Psycho-Cybernetics
Robert Imbriale foreword by Dan kennedy – Motivational Marketing – How to Effectively
The Best of The Best of Dan Kennedy
The Ultimate Marketing Plan – Dan Kennedy
The Ultimate Marketing Plan Find Your Hook. Communicate Your Message. Make Your Mark
Ultimate Sales Letter Attract New Customers. Get Face Time. Boost Your Sales
2005 Platinum Inner Circle Mastermind Meeting
2006 Renegade Millionaire Retreat
April GKIC 2010
Are You A Marketing and Sales Clod Or A Sophisticate
Bill Glazer – NO BS Training for Online Marketing
Bill Glazer – The Ultimate Information Marketing Shortcut
Bill Glazer & Dan Kennedy – Think To Grow Rich
Bill Glazer & Paul Hartunian – Professional Speaker’s Business Training
Bill Glazer S &D Swipe File
Copywriting Mastery
Corey Rudl & Bill Harris – The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur
Dan Kennedy – The Copywriting Clinic
Dan Kennedy – $250000 Platinum Meeting Vol 2
Dan Kennedy – 10 Million Dollar Marketing Secrets
Dan Kennedy – 19 Secrets of Exceptional Results Selling
Dan Kennedy – 2005 Renegade Millionaire Retreat Highlights
Dan Kennedy – 2006 Info Summit unedited
Dan Kennedy – 2008 GKIC INFO-SUMMIT
Dan Kennedy – 2008 Super Conference – Sunday
Dan Kennedy – 2009 Info Summit & Rich Coach Bonus Day
Dan Kennedy – 67 Practice Building Secrets
Dan Kennedy – Advanced and Comprehensive Copywriting Bootcamp 2008 NOTES
Dan Kennedy – Advanced Coaching and Consulting High Fee Bootcamp
Dan Kennedy – Affluent Newsletters Jan, Feb bonus, April 08
Dan Kennedy – Area Exclusive Program
Dan Kennedy – Brass Balls Seminar Customer Appreciation
Dan Kennedy – Business Leverage Teleconference
Dan Kennedy – Business of Copywriting
Dan Kennedy – Candid Q and A With Yanik Silver 2 Videos Mp4….



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Name Product: Fred Gleeck – INFO PRODUCTS SEMINAR

Sale Page: _

Price: $197
Attention: Authors, speakers, consultants, coaches, copywriters, and anyone who markets and sells information
Top Information Marketing Expert Reveal a Streamlined System to Double or Triple Your Income as
an Information Entrepreneur”
Get a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create and Market Your Own Information Products from the Top Expert in the Field.

Dear Information Marketer,

Let’s face it. Most Information Entrepreneurs have a tough time making enough money to pay the bills. You just can’t seem to figure out how to create a product that your market wants – or maybe the product is great, but you don’t know how to reach your audience. Or you’re just not sure what steps to build a large and profitable opt-in list of online customers.

There’s simply no reason why you should be “just scraping by”.

If you have a burning desire to make money on the Internet selling information products, then you need to come to the Information Products Seminar. Whether you’re an aspiring Internet marketer, a newbie, or a successful info marketer looking to take your online business to the next level, – this is THE event to attend. You will learn more at this event than at any other event of it’s kind – it’s that simple AND it’s guaranteed.
Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to start or jump-start their Internet marketing business — and MASSIVELY increase their income selling their information products. This includes authors, speakers, consultants, coaches, consultants, copywriters, freelance writers, and anyone else who sells info products of any kind.
Who Should NOT Attend?

If you’re looking for the SAME OLD STUFF that is continually rehashed in this industry, this event is NOT for you. If you’re satisfied with the money you’re making, this won’t be your event. If you think you “know it all” take a pass on this event. If you’re looking for a PITCHFEST, then don’t come either.

Not to say that there won’t be things for you to buy, but believe me, you’ll get PLENTY of content by just showing up.
What’s Different About This Event?

This event is geared to showing you not just WHAT to do, but HOW to do it. You’ll walk out after the two days with a step-by-step plan that will give you a complete roadmap on how to do things. Keep reading to find out the details.
What Will You Learn Anyway?

The easiest way to start an information products empire – you’ll make you money while you sleep.
3 easy steps to starting and running a spare-time Internet marketing business enabling you to quit work for good within 18 to 24 months.
The 1 Hour Formula for Creating Profitable e-zines: you can generate a truckload of leads and orders from every issue
How to write compelling e-mail marketing messages that increase clicks, conversions, orders, and profits – without causing your prospects to complain or unsubscribe.
How to write landing pages that maximize conversion rates and sell more of your products online
How to make a six-figure online income “working” less than 1 hour a day.
The World’s Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets – secrets master copywriters use to generate readership, reaction, and response far above the results average copywriters get
How to spy on your competition to understand almost everything about their business (often even more than they know themselves!)

Our Unprecedented Money Back Guarantee

If after attending you don’t honestly think we’ve given you many times what you paid in valuable content, then ask for and receive a full refund!

We KNOW the information will be that good. Period.
Fred Gleeck in Information Product Marketing Seminar
Fred Gleeck is an internationally known information marketing expert and coach. He is the author of 15 books including: “Selling Information”, “Self Publishing for Maximum Profit,” “Speaking for Millions,” and “Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars and Workshops.”

He has given over 1,400 paid speaking engagements in the last 23 years. He shows authors, speakers and consultants how to double or triple their incomes through the use of a time tested SYSTEM that he has perfected. This system will work with ANYONE in any field, and it will work for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn from internet marketing authority and upsell/back-end product sales wizard Fred Gleeck … who has personally sold more than $2,731,000.00 in book, audio, and videotape sales over the past 6 years:

An automated web marketing system ( that can automate your sales process to make money while you sleep.
A simple 5 step program to develop an audio program that will EASILY sell for $195 and take you less than 10 hours to create
Why you need to consider creating videos — and how to produce them for a fraction of what most people pay
3 keys to double your revenue from any speaking engagement that you accept
The single most important asset that every entrepreneur has, that less than 1% of them either understand or exploit
Understanding what “hyper-responsive” customers are, and how you can happily have them give you their credit cards every time you sell anything
A simple system to develop your own information products in less than an hour – that can make you money starting right away
5 Tips to promoting your own seminars and “boot camps” to give you an immediate, huge cash flow surge
One reason why you probably DON’T ever want to produce a traditional newsletter — and what you should do instead
and much, much more.


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Dear Biznulled Members,
Recently, we’ve bought some HOT IM Courses. We’ve received many request to create group buy for these courses. You may interested them. 
1. Kat Loterzo – The Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders only for $39.95
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2. Ezra Firestone – Smart Marketer eCommerce All-Stars only for $39.95
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3. Steve Sawyer  – International Arbitrage Course- Trading Europe only for $59.95
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4. Sean Cannell – Video Ranking Academy only for $49.95
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5. Zach Spuckler – The 5-Figure Challenge (DIY Level Experience) only for $39.95
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6. Copy Hackers – 10x Emails Comprehensive only for $49.95
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7. John Carlton – Simple Writing System 2.0 only for $39.95
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8. Robin Sharma – Personal Mastery Academy Online only for $39.95
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eBay Business – Make Money Dropshipping Products In 2015

Name Product: eBay Business: Make Money Dropshipping Products In 2015

Sale Page: _

Price: $750

Learn how to sell on eBay, gain access to retail products at wholesale prices and spend no money upfront on inventory.

It doesn’t cost anything to open wholesale accounts, to work with legitimate wholesalers. You don’t need to buy any inventory upfront.

You’ll learn how to gain access to any product at wholesale prices. You’ll be able to list wholesalers inventory, for free.

Only after you make a sale the wholesaler will ship your order to your customer. You never need to keep an inventory and you only buy the customers order after you make a sale.

You make a profit.

LATEST: Lectures are up to date as of June 2015.

Learning Objectives:

After taking this course, you’ll be able to…

Gain access to any retail product at wholesale prices and have them drop shipped to customers.
Validate their retail product ideas and prove they sale by using eBay, Amazon, and Google.
Get a Tax ID and Business License in order to work with wholesalers in the U.S.
Start a business internationally and get retail products from anywhere in the world.
Product source baseball card cases and see exactly how to profit an extra $24,000 a year.
Learn the basics of selling on eBay as well as leveraging it to increase profits by using specific selling practices.
Gain customers loyalty with superior customer service, because a repeat customer is always cheaper than having to find new customers. Customer loyalty is a recipe for long term profits.
Get new and repeat customer email signups in order to increase sales.
Learn the basics of email marketing and become less dependent of eBay.
Leverage an eCommerce store in order to increase sales (beginner lectures).
Avoid mistakes to save a few years of work and thousands of dollars (using case studies).
Maximize your time in order to achieve success. You have enough time to accomplish your goals and much of your time is wasted.
Ask unlimited questions to the instructor and get help along the way to their success.



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