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Ezra Firestone and Jason – Social Secrets 3.0

Name Product: Ezra Firestone and Jason – Social Secrets 3.0

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Price: $197
Ezra Firestone and Jason – Social Secrets 3.0

Likes are greatbut they cant keep you in business. Heres how to drive your profits to all-time highs using the power of Facebook ads.

As a business owner, you know that the key to driving profit for your business is advertising. It doesnt matter if youre just getting started or if your business has been humming along for years – you can always go bigger and better with your adsyou just need a strategy and a platform.

Amazing.coms Social Secrets gives you exactly what you need – the tools and strategies to drive hugely successful ad campaigns on the advertising platform that is poised to become the biggest EVER.

The Power of Facebook
Facebook currently has over ONE BILLION users. Thats one out of every seven people on the planet.
And heres what a lot of people dont yet realize: Facebook is no longer just a website where people post pictures and talk about what they had for dinnerit has grown to be the most popular media website EVER.
In fact, many experts predict people will turn more and more to sites like Facebook to do ALL of their online business – everything from shopping to reading news to sharing videos with friends. People will increasingly TRUST Facebook to deliver them the content they want.
The bottom line? All those users will TRUST that whatever Facebook shows them is relevant to their lives – including the ads.

Put Your Ads In Front of MILLIONS of Potential Customers
With all those people putting so much trust in Facebook, you have the opportunity to grow your business like never before – by making sure your product is tantalizingly close to all those potential customersonly one click away.
At some point youve probably been on Facebook and seen these ads. You KNOW they can be huge for your business, if theyre done right. Maybe youve even experimented with Facebook advertising already, but you need a little help to REALLY nail it.

Social Secrets Is Your Solution
Social Secrets is an online program that teaches you the ins and outs of using Facebook advertising for generating profitable campaigns. Many other courses that teach Facebook advertising focus on getting fans, likes, shares, and other components of the Facebook platform that do not directly drive profitability.
Social Secrets is different. You will learn how to:
get started with Facebook Pages, Ads Manager, and Power Editor
write highly effective copy for Facebook ads
set up successful campaigns, ad sets, and ads
use Facebooks powerful targeting capabilities to select the right audiences for your ads
find out the BEST types of ads you can run on the Facebook platform
set up landing pages for your campaigns
analyze the results
Here you have a comprehensive guide to using Facebook ads effectivelyand taking your business to whole new levels. We KNOW it will work for you because it has already worked for so many other customers. Thats why we back Social Secrets with our Guarantee:
If you purchase the course and feel it isnt for you, you get your money back, no questions asked. Thats our Amazing Promise to You.
At were all about entrepreneurship. Our experts have spent years developing business strategies and models that help people start and grow their own businesses, because we firmly believe that financial freedom is the ultimate freedom.
Thats why weve teamed up with instructors Justin Aquilia and Ezra Firestone to bring you Social Secrets. Justin and Ezra share our passion for entrepreneurship, and they are just as committed as we are to developing business strategies that will help entrepreneurs reach new heights of success…



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Liz Benny – Social Monkey Business Training

Name Product: Liz Benny – Social Monkey Business Training

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Price: $4997

Liz Benny – Social Monkey Business Training
What You GET
1. Social Monkey Business Training Course ($4,997 Value) – The Instant Results Package – Licence To Use Our PROVEN Package – Complete Video Trainings, Tools and Tricks – Full “No Experience Required” Training

2. The Perfect Proposal Template ($397 Value) – Perfectly Crafted For A No-Brainer “Yes”
– Proven And Tested Framework

3. Social Media Strategy And Calendar Template ($3,997 Value) – Use This Template for Easy $4,000 Upsells
– Wow Customers With Little To No Work
– Easy and Full Strategy and Calendar

4. Social Media Market Analysis Template ($347 Value) – Get Paid To Do Fun Research
– Your Clients Will Feel Heard and Understood
– Easy And Fast Sale

5. Full Business Toolbox ($2,488 Value) – Everything You Need To Rockstar Successs
– Save Months Of Set Up Time
– All Out Of The Box & Ready To Go



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Liming Wu & Flemin Goh – $100K Social Workshop [33 MP4]

Name Product: Liming Wu & Flemin Goh – $100K Social Workshop [33 MP4]

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Price: $297
Our Newbie Student Made $63,417.15 In Just 60 Days. It’s Time For You Finally Do The Same Thing By Copying and Pasting Our 100% LEGAL, ETHICAL SYSTEM !

Only a handful of newbies had access to this insider knowledge until now, and here’s a glimpse at how they did:

This student Did $63,417.15 in his first TWO MONTHS Applying This System!

These students had to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for this $2k a day workshop…now you can follow these step by step videos to $2000 a day for a tiny fraction of that price.

Just like everyone else who tries to make money on the internet, we struggled for a long period of time.

We tried for months to find something that worked, and at first it seemed the only people making money were those launching crappy courses that didn’t actually work.

We were so turned off and discouraged, but we pressed on because we know there had to be something we were missing.

It wasn’t long before we found a completely ethical marketing method that was extremely scaleable. We were eager to see how far we could take it.

So, for a few months, we tested and tweaked this marketing method, trying to reach $2000+ a day. In a few months we reached this goal.

$5143.50 + In A Single Day.


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$100k Social Workshop

Name Product: $100k Social Workshop

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Price: $220
Session 1: FB/Social CPA Introduction

The beauty of our system is you don’t even need to sell ANYTHING.

The concept is simple…you put a little bit of money in, and you get money out. We will show you how to quickly and easily turn the money in into a much higher money out value.

(The same steps our newbie student used to reach $60,000 in his first 2 months)
Session 2: Choosing A Niche/Offer

Many people fail simply because of this step…they choose the wrong offers.

We pick the right offers and run traffic, and PROFIT right in front of you…so just follow along and use the niches we’ve already tested ourselves and given to our students instead of pulling your hair out testing failed niches.
Session 3: Researching Ad Angle/Copy

This is actually so simple when you have it handed to you, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Copy our SIMPLE ad copy which is perfected to convert.

No more guessing on what MIGHT work, we know this works and we’ve got the proof to back it up!
Session 4: Setting Up Lander/Hosting/Tracking

This is so SIMPLE the way we lay it out. These are our “money pages”.

Do this work once and then move on to Module 5 where we turn on the money in/money out.
Session 5: Setting Up Facebook Campaign

Our money pages are ready, now we’re turning on the traffic to our money pages, things start to get really exciting here.
Session 6: Campaign Tweaking/Optimization

Now that our money pages are up and running with traffic, we show you how to convert the traffic into money, and spit out more on the other end than you’re making.

Profits will come easier than you thought was possible, because you’re learning from true experts here.
Session 7: Scaling The Campaign

Now, maybe you’re putting $5 in and getting $10 out.

You want to SCALE this right? Perhaps to putting $50 in and getting $100 out, or putting $300 in and getting $600 out.

Learn the simple way we scale our money making campaigns, it only takes a few minutes to scale each one and go from $5 profit to hundreds in profit with each campaign.
Session 8: Outsourcing

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we can actually pay a virtual assistant $3 an hour to do most of this work FOR you.

Insane, right? Learn how to outsource any grunt work and keep your work hours ultra low for maximum time spent with friends, family, yourself, or whatever you want to use it for.
and… multiple Q&A sessions

For sure you have doubts when you are inside the wrokshop.

Earlier students asked plenty helpful questions that inspire you what they think and how they process.

Learn from there mistakes and problems, you progress faster.


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