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Copywriting For Success – 14 DVDs Resources

Name Product: Copywriting For Success – 14 DVDs Resources

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Price: $300
Ted Nicholas – Copywriting For Success (14 DVDs + Resources)

The ‘Godfather’ of Copywriting and Direct Response Advertising, Ted Nicholas.Who Has Personally Generated Over 5.9 Billion Dollars in Sales.and Well-Known Copywriter Trevor Crook Reveal Their Inside Secrets of How to Prepare One Single Piece of Powerful Sales Copy Which Can Earn YOU a Million Dollar Fortune.! Recently Ted, Trevor and Peter Woodhead – (one of Yanik Silver’s apprentice copywriters) held a, one-off, NEVER to be repeated 3.5 day Copywriting Workshop which revealed to the 15 lucky attendees – the easiest way ever devised to print money legally!



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Stock Trading Ninja: Complete System For Trading Success

Name Product: Stock Trading Ninja: Complete System For Trading Success

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Price: $155

A Complete Guide And Comprehensive Strategy For Learning How To Trade

Here is what you get with Stock Trading NINJA:

A method for winning 9 out of 10 trades

A definitive ‘How To’ for trading stocks, Forex or any chart

A Complete Guide And Comprehensive Strategy For Learning How To Trade
Are You Ready For A Major Breakthrough In Your Trading Profits?
Here is what you get with Stock Trading NINJA:
A COMPLETE TRADING SYSTEM that will teach you how to control risk and set up one profitable trade after another
A method for winning 9 out of 10 trades
Includes scan scripts for use in broker scanning platforms
A definitive ‘How To’ for trading stocks, Forex or any chart
Many students cover the cost of the course in a few trades
Instructor promptly responds to questions and forum posts
PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: You will acquire a trading skill which will enable you to consistently locate low-risk, high-probability trades in any market that can be charted.
This course will not only teach you key market dynamics and how to exploit price movement for profit, but it will also teach you HOW TO TRADE:
How to manage risk
How to handle random outcomes
How to structure your new-found knowledge for long-term trading success
In this step by step training course, I am going to show you how you can make consistent money trading stocks, Forex, commodities or anything that can be charted.
This is the secret to you finally experiencing stock trading success regardless of whether the stock market sinks or soars. You may think you have tried it all, or seen it all, when it comes to trading stocks. Yet, I can guarantee that you’ve NEVER seen anything like this before.
Stock Trading NINJA quickly and easily allows anyone to find profitable stock trades in almost any market and any time frame. This radically simple yet effective stock trading system is the direct result of over 18 years of study and years of digging through the trenches to find what really works.
This passionate research revealed specific patterns that the truly successful traders use that’s virtually hidden from the public. And now, starting TODAY, their success can be your success too. The profitable patterns I studied and successfully duplicated give you the freedom to easily build a consistently profitable trading system.
Now you will be able to win more trades and make greater profits, so you can finally take control of your financial future.
You will learn the foundations of my Recurring Price Pattern Principle. This includes exact price patterns which can be used to profit in any market and any time frame.over and over again.
I will show you the only recurring technical pattern you’ll ever need to consistently make huge gains in the market. This includes my most profitable technical “Trigger” which can have you winning the next 9 out of 10 trades that you take.
I will teach you exactly how to effortlessly manage all your trades. This includes the precise way to enter and exit every trade, so you can crank out more profits. And you will also discover one trick using moving averages that virtually guarantees a winning trade.
You will be introduced to the Ninja Matrix, my ultimate guide for making consistent profit. This has helped hundreds of traders build successful trading businesses and it will do the same for you, too.
Stock Trading NINJA would not be complete without teaching you exactly how to make money regardless of which direction the market moves.
This is the KEY to long term success. Plus, I’ll be revealing exactly how to find stocks that are ready take off like a rocket, so you can make more money faster.
Get started on your path to a profitable, stress-free stock trading lifestyle by signing up for this course NOW.
If you are not trading like the NINJA, you’re NOT trading!



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Impromptu Speaking Success in 7 Days

Name Product: Impromptu Speaking Success in 7 Days

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Price: $30

What Will I Learn?
Speak off the cuff for up to 4 minutes
Have a sound knowledge of some speech frameworks you can use during impromptu speaking
Understand how to expand upon a subject even when you don’t have a great deal of knowledge on it.
View Curriculum
You should be able to speak and understand English
You should have access to a timing device or stopwatch
You should have access to a quiet place where you can practise the questions without being interrupted.
About this course

Become a stronger and more confident impromptu speaker in 7 days. This course leads you step-by-step through proven impromptu speech frameworks and speech delivery techniques.
Are you ready to speak impromptu with confidence and ease?

Then you’re in the right place. I have compiled a simple step-by-step system that will show you how to speak off the cuff without breaking into a sweat. All you need to do is spend 15 – 20 minutes each day for one week.

As the author of a best-selling public speaking book, a public speaking trainer, and an international performer, I will show you a variety of ways to approach impromptu speaking.

No more nerves and sweaty palms. Know how to cope with almost any impromptu situation and how to structure your answer so that you don’t have to worry about what to say next.

Do you start to tremble when you’re asked to speak up during work meetings?
Do you worry what to say next?
Are your impromptu answers too brief?
Do your impromptu answers lack structure and clarity?
Do you struggle to engage people with your stories?
Is your vocal expression dull and monotone?
Would you like to speak to groups for several minutes without needing to script your words?
Would you like to feel comfortable in social situations where small talk or chit chat is needed?
Does the thought of running a Q&A session make you nervous?
Are you afraid you’ll dry up and run out of things to say?
Each day you will learn a new framework, take on at least one new mindset or delivery tip and practise several questions.

Over the course of the 7 days you will go from speaking for just 1-minute, all the way to being able to provide a 4-minute answer.

Each video lecture contains an example question and an additional question for you to try under timed conditions.

There is also a daily homework lecture containing two further questions and a summary of the day’s delivery strategies.

You will also find self-assessment handouts for the beginning and end of the course.

For those who complete the course there is even a special surprise gift, highly relevant and useful if you want your impromptu speaking to improve.
What am I going to get from this course?

You will gain the confidence to help you through job interviews, Q&A sessions, small talk, conversation with strangers, Toastmasters Table Topics and more.
You will have a step-by-step plan to improve your impromptu speaking
You will learn 7 speaking frameworks to apply to off-the-cuff speaking situations
You will know how to open and close your impromptu speech
You will learn how to deliver your speech so that it makes sense and stays on track
You will learn how to vary your delivery to keep things interesting for your audience
You will learn how to bring your stories to life and how to engage your listeners
We will talk about confidence and mindset
We will talk about strategies to get through your speaking situation and remain in the moment with your audience.
Who is the target audience?

This course is ideal for those who lack confidence in off-the-cuff speaking situations and are relatively new to impromptu speaking.

This course is NOT for those who are already super confident at speaking impromptu.
Who is the target audience?
Anyone who would like to speak ‘off the cuff’ more confidently
Public speakers who want to get better at ‘table topics’ or impromptu speaking
Students who need to speak up during lectures
Anyone in the business world who has to speak during meetings and wants to know how to structure their responses



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Working for yourself: 20 essentials for success

Name Product: Working for yourself: 20 essentials for success

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Price: $90

The essential things you need to know to help you make a success of becoming self-employed, setting up your own business and/or going freelance. This course gives you Insights and strategies draw from over 25 years experience running my own marketing and consultancy business and working with successful entrepreneurs and business owners in many industry sectors.

This is not stuff you will find in a business text book. The “20 Essentials for Success” are distilled from years of practical business experience. I also provide tips from 12 other successful business owners: I asked each of them to give three pieces of advice they would pass on to someone wanting to start their own business.

Starting your own business or going freelance is a big decision, hopefully one that will change your life forever in a very positive way. But that journey can be difficult and challenging, and taking this course is one of the steps you can take to help you maximise your chances of success.

The four hours of video content is supported by a written transcripts of the audio lectures, quizzes and some option a short assignments to help you start applying the ideas on the course to your own business.

At the end of the course you should have a more clearly focussed business idea, a better appreciation of what running your own business is really like and a understanding of the personal qualities you need to develop to maximise your chances of success.

The course is aimed at anyone who are considering going freelance or working for themselves for the first time – either full or part-time.

Who is the target audience?
People who are considering becoming self employed
People who have recently become self-employed looking for additional guidance



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Realtor Podcast Marketing For Real Estate Agents Success

Name Product: Realtor Podcast Marketing For Real Estate Agents Success

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Price: $45

Real Estate Agent Marketing That Works, Even When You Don’t. 24/7 Podcasting For Realtors

In the super-competitive real estate market, Realtors need every advantage they can get.

Don’t you hate it when a potential client that you spoke with months ago, buys or sells their home. and uses another agent?

Imagine, for a minute, that you had the undivided attention of your ideal prospect. And not only that, you were talking in their ear on a weekly basis. Maybe, they aren’t ready to sell their home or buy a new one this week, but what about next week, next month, next year.

If you can remain top-of-mind with your clients and position yourself as the “One and Only” Realtor for them to turn to, regardless of when they decide to buy or sell, what would that do to your business?

Everyone has a smartphone. Everyone in your farm could be listening to your online radio show or Podcast.

What is a Podcast? It is audio or video shows, that when you subscribe to them, are automatically updated on your Computer, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, and/or iPods. Think of them as free radio or TV shows which you deliver Spam-Free! directly to your audience every time you produce one.

Podcasting is bigger than you think. When we survey people who listen to free, commercial-free audio Podcasts at least once a month: we discover an interesting fact: It beats AM/FM Radio, streaming audio, CD’s, TV Music channels, & Sirius!

If you compare the number of people listening to Podcasts monthly, they are as popular as Twitter with 39 mIllion listeners, even if it doesn’t get the same ‘Respect’.

But instead of communicating in impersonal 140 character Tweets, with Podcasting, you get right into the head of your target market for as long as you talk.

Podcasts are portable – and because of this, they are listened to everywhere. in the car, walking the dog, at the gym, at the beach, on a plane, anywhere.

By following the short, simple, easy-to-follow lectures, you will be able to work through the process of setting up your show and publishing your first episode quickly.

Podcasting is increasing in popularity, and thanks to CarPlay, Google jumping on Podcasts and Apps, Podcast will continue growing for years to come. It is just past the ‘Early Adopter’ stage and has huge potential moving forward. Don’t miss out on the low-competition, high-demand opportunities that your fellow Real Estate Podcasters are enjoying.



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