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Mitch Miller – Lazy Consultant System

Name Product: Mitch Miller – Lazy Consultant System

Sale Page: _

Price: $997

The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit For Consultants Who Are Afraid Of Ending Up Average… Tool #1 (Special Report): “Professionally written offer templates for “getting clients” through short Facebook posts + line-by-line breakdown of actual posts Mitch uses to close deals that bring in $10,000 to $40,000 within 24 hours of posting…”

Say Goodbye To Proposals, Accepting Low Fees, Begging For Business, Or Competing With Those Other Sheep Ever Again… It’s Time To Step Up, Put On Your Big Boy Pants, And Start Acting Like The Powerful, Respected, Bad Ass Consultant I Know You Really Are…


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Todd Herman – The PROVEN 90 Day Year System

Name Product: Todd Herman – The PROVEN 90 Day Year System

Sale Page:

Price: $1999

Achieve More Business Growth in the Next 90 Days Than You Did All of Last Year…


Will the next 90 days be the ones you FOREVER look back upon as the ones that totally transformed your life and business?

About Todd Herman

Todd Herman, runs 2 boutique consulting and advisory companies. One serves professional, Olympic and amateur athletes and he’s worked with athletes in the NHL, Real Madrid, NFL, Pro Golf and numerous other sports.
His other consulting and coaching company serves high level executives and entrepreneurs.

In the business world, he’s become the performance and leadership advisor to two self-made billionaires, Cisco Executives, members of the Spanish Royal Family and numerous entrepreneurs.
His professional programs are in 19 of the Fortune 50 companies, delivered to over 200,000 professionals annually in 73 countries. In 2010 he was honored at the Cannes International Advertising Festival with being “The World’s Greatest Salesperson”.

He’s been featured on Sky Business News, The Today Show and Today Show Australia, the NY Times, CBS Radio, Huffington Post, Business Insider and the Boston Herald has called him a “Training Superstar”.

How this program is different

1. PROVEN. (no… really)

A New Standard of Proof The World’s First-Ever Third-Party Validated Achievement System

The word “proof” has become a deceptive misnomer in the online marketing world.
With authors and course creators ascribing the term “proof” to any supposed system that worked for them and them alone.
Operating under the flawed “it worked for me, so it must work for everyone” logic.
Sorry… but that type of BS won’t cut it here.
You deserve better,
Your business deserves better.
And it’s not up to you to carry the burden of trust…
But on myself and the entire 90 Day Year team to carry the burden of proof.
To put our systems and frameworks through the ringer… and only serve them up once we’re absolutely CERTAIN they will work for you.
Proof is not anecdotal.
It’s data driven.
It’s third party verified.
And it’s about time that someone set a new standard for transparency, honesty and accountability within the online learning market.
That’s why my team and I went to extreme lengths to not just cherry-pick the testimonials or case studies that strengthen our cause…
But to invite independent third party auditors, researchers and neuroscientists from the world’s most prestigious research institutes to VALIDATE the success claims of the 90 Day Year system.
The end result:

The world’s first fully vetted and *PROVEN* achievement system that you can plug yourself into with 100% confidence.

2. Made by Humans For Humans »»»

So many personal achievement “systems” fail to consider the human element.
They treat us like robotic, mechanistic beings…
With ambitions that could fit neatly into a box.
And the supportive habits and routines that should somehow magically be permanently programmed.
Those systems aren’t build upon fundamental human principles.
They’re built upon shaky ideals.
And when we inevitably fail to follow the “system” (which we’re not wired to follow to begin with)… we immediately blame ourselves.
Doubting our efforts and commitment instead of pointing the finger at the broken model we were trying to squeeze ourselves into.

But here’s the thing…

Life doesn’t happen in a to-do list.

It happens in the real world.
And the reason the success rate of the 90 Day Year is unparalleled in the industry, is because it appreciates your nuances and takes into account the complexities of being an entrepreneur in 2016.
It understands that sh*t happens…
And it has the built in mechanisms for reflection and course correction so that the winds of craziness never blow you too far off track.
Flexibility and adaptability are BUILT into the system.
So that you can become a FULLY expressed high performer without having to sever any of your “inconvenient” parts.

And that’s the ONLY real way to sustain your success over the next 90 days (and all the 90 Days after that).


The world’s most powerful “achievement software” is still the one sitting between your ears.
But the second most powerful achievement software?
It may just be the one sitting in your hand.
We built the 90 Day Year Accelerator Software to perfectly mold around you and your big goals.

It’s adaptable, responsive, and actually gets smarter the more you use it.

Over time, based on your interactions with the app, it will begin to serve up custom recommendations on how to best optimize and organize your day based on what TRULY causes you to perform at peak levels.
One 90 Day Year member calls the software “an achievement automator” while another power user said it’s like putting “biohacking on autopilot”
Whatever you decide to call it – you’ll be constantly supported by a powerful and intelligent pocket-sized coach, helping you achieve things with more speed and clarity than ever before.



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[Special Offer] Anik Singal – Automated List Academy System

Name Product: Anik Singal – Automated List Academy System
COST: $997
Size: 4.35 GB
Sale page:

Anik Let Me In! I’m Ready To Learn How To Increase Email Marketing Profits By Up To 300% By Using a Simple Formula

My 6-Step Email Marketing System for AUTOMATED, MASSIVE Profits:

– Anik’s Open Vault – My 10-Year Experience = Your 7-Day Success – $2,997 VALUE
5 Full Modules walks you through ALL of my Proven Email Marketing Experience. I hold nothing back! Learn my can’t-miss secrets and strategies from my MULTIMILLION DOLLAR Promotions. Steal my shortcuts, copy my email strategy, then just apply to your own business. You can learn in just 7 DAYS what took me a full DECADE!

– List Building Master Class – 6-Week Tele-Class on How to Build a Huge List FAST – $997 VALUE
Don’t have an impressive email list? No problem! In just 6 weeks… YOU WILL! In this hold-nothing-back Master Class Program, you’ll learn everything you need to grow a high-converting list to hundreds, thousands even TENS of THOUSANDS!

– Mega Conversion Corner – My WINNING Templates, Models, Emails, & Subject Lines – $1,997 VALUE
High conversions, high commissions don’t just happen — It takes the right templates, models and emails. I hand you my absolute favorite — and MOST PROFITABLE — Emails, Subject Lines, Templates and Models. Gain an advantage nobody else has that will SKYROCKET your business. Simply copy, paste, DONE.

– Active Expert Community – Share & Review Your Emails and Marketing Strategies – $997 VALUE
You’re NOT alone! You’ll have an entire team of EXPERT Email Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Writers, Designers… EVERYBODY you need to grow your business. Share your ideas… ask them to review your emails… get valuable feedback instantly!

– Expert Think Tank & Test Bank – First Class Ticket to Anik’s NEW Strategies and Secrets – $1,497 VALUE
I’m ALWAYS testing! My email strategy, my writing, my videos… EVERYTHING. In fact, doing this launch, I learned LOTS of ways to get MORE signups, MORE leads, and MORE profits! Every month, you get an update of what’s NEW in my Test Bank. Always be on the bleeding edge of what works best!

– Event-Based Marketing Mastery – How to Crush Promotions, Deepen Relationships & Build Amazing Value – $1997 VALUE
There might be a few out there with bigger lists… but nobody has a BETTER, more responsive, more appreciative and more dedicated list. NOBODY! Why? Because of my Event-Based Marketing approach! I share it ALL with you so you too can create a FANATICAL list!

BONUS #1 Anik’s Traffic Academy – My Favorite 4 Traffic Sources for Laser Fast List Building – $997 VALUE

BONUS #2 Cheat Sheet Flow Charts – Works for All Types of Promotions – $497 VALUE

BONUS #3“Affiliate Insider” Launch Bank – $497 VALUE

BONUS #4 The Bonus Sales Tripler – The #1 Way to 3X Commissions! – $997 VALUE

BONUS #5 Done-For-You Email Templates – 100 Copy & Paste Emails in RED HOT Niches! – $1,997 VALUE


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $41.96 ($59.95)

Payment Link
Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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Mike Cooch – Amazon Simple Income System

Name Product: Mike Cooch – Amazon Simple Income System

Sale Page:_

Price: $97

Introducing the Simple Step-by-Step System That Shows You How Anyone Can Make $5,000/month in 90 Days Selling Products on Amazon! No skills, expertise, or customer list of your own necessary!

Here’s What You’ll Get in the Simple Amazon Income System:

Six modules of videos, checklists, templates and other resources showing you step-by-step how to launch your successful Amazon business in 90 days or less, including:

Module 1 – We show you exactly how to identify a winning product using our proven six criteria for profitable products, so you can have confidence that your product will actually sell well and make you good money!

Module 2 – We’ll show you where to find the best product suppliers, how to negotiate with them, and how to manage them so you don’t get taken to the cleaners by hard-negotiating overseas suppliers!

Module 3 – We’ll show you step-by-step how to set up your account with Amazon so that they’ll recognize you as a legitimate business partner and allow you to start selling right away

Module 4 – We’ll show you how to create a Product Listing the right way so that your product shows up when customers are searching and so they are most likely to choose your product over the competition (critical to do this right!)

Module 5 – We’ll show you how to get set up with and use Fulfillment By Amazon so Amazon can do all of the hard work – picking, packing and shipping your products – for you! This gives you the freedom to work from anywhere and at any time!

Module 6 – We’ll show you the fastest and easiest ways to start generating consistent sales on Amazon so that you start seeing consistent cash flow as soon as possible!



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22-Second Article Miracle System

Name Product: 22-Second Article Miracle System

Sale Page:

Price: $27

*ARTICLE SPINNING IS DEAD!* 6-Step Miracle System Creates Articles In 22 Seconds That Google LOVES!



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Mari Smith & Dennies Yu – Facebook Marketing Success System

Name Product: Mari Smith & Dennies Yu – Facebook Marketing Success System

Sale Page:

Price: $497

NEW Facebook Marketing Course with premier Facebook marketing expert, Mari Smith – featuring Facebook Ads expert, Dennis Yu!

Facebook ads can create much confusion and frustration! Some Facebook users install browser extensions to remove the ads on Facebook’s right column. Other Facebook users report sponsored posts (ads in the News Feed) as spam. And, as a business owner and marketer, if you don’t hit the mark properly with your paid Facebook products (ads, sponsored stories, boosted/promoted posts, offers, etc.), you could be not only completely wasting your money but you may also be negatively impacting your company’s reputation by having the wrong ads shown to the right people, or the right ads shown to the wrong people!

I like to joke that, as I’m Scottish, I was born with frugal genes. So, if I can get maximum organic (free) reach and results on Facebook and not have to pay to promote, then I will. However, even with a nominal budget, over the years, I have experienced incredible results advertising on Facebook
Imagine if you could easily get more fans, leads and paying customers with simple Facebook marketing techniques

It’s time to stop struggling with your Facebook marketing, finally learn how to “outwit” Facebook’s constantly changing features and algorithms, and get laser-focused on building your business the right way!

It’s not “rocket science,” as the saying goes. But it does take the right know-how and that’s exactly what Dennis and  I want to share with you.

You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Well, just as soon as you sign up for this new course, you’ll be able to make a few adjustments to your marketing approach… and exponentially build on those adjustments as we progress through all 8 modules



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The Simple Logical Organic Blogging System

Name Product: The Simple Logical Organic Blogging System

Sale Page:

Price: $19

I know the difficulties you’re going through trying to build and exploit quality content Blogger and WordPress blogs. After you’ve setup your blogs, you then have to go to article sites, do some article searches based on your keywords, then decide from the large number of articles found which one you want to post.

Of course you might (and often will) get a list of articles that is 75% outside your niche. Once you’ve waded through this long list and you finally find an article that you like, you then have to copy it’s content, then log into your blog, then paste the article into the editor, then publish it. And all this for just one article on one of your blogs. If you scale this up to say a dozen blogs, the time spent on this alone could be hours each and every day.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, the article you publish today could be months or even years old and already published on hundreds if not thousands of other blogs. Every man and his dog got there first!



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Jason Fladlien – Internet Marketing Time Management System

Name Product: Jason Fladlien – Internet Marketing Time Management System

Sale Page:

Price: $39.95

Here’s A Far Better Solution For Any Internet Marketer. Who Wants to Triple Their Productivity! I have just put the final touches on my “Destiny

Fulfiller: Internet Marketing Time Management System”.

The reason I decided to create such a system was simple. Recently, over a two week period of time I was able to accomplish all the following:

– Created 3 products
– Wrote 6 Sales Letters
– Updated 3 old products (converted them from written products into video products)
– Updated the sales pages to those products
– Created 2 special one-time offers
– Created 6 free reports
– Wrote 17 Articles
– Got top 7 rankings in Google for 13 different local search engine
terms such as “Iowa city disability lawyer” and “Iowa City accountant”
– Created 44 videos for traffic generation
– Wrote 19 auto responder messages for the products I created and updated
– Did 2 joint ventures
– Did 7 teleseminars/interviews
– Did 4 one-on-one consultations
– Exercised 45 minutes 6 days a week



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Mat Steinwede – Real Estate System

Name Product: Mat Steinwede – Real Estate System

Sale Page:

Price: $495

Mat Steinwede The Real Estate System was originally recorded in 2005 over a six-month period at the height of Mat’s career. Mat is well known as a real estate superstar and corporate athlete. He entered the industry with no experience; just a passion for a career he could do well in when his role as a bouncer on Sydney’s notorious Oxford Street finished.
By industry demand Mat was brought back into the studio in 2010 to reflect on his original system and share the additional skills and knowledge he developed in his dedicated focus to perfect the Real Estate Residential Process. In this updated audio Mat shares the simple systems, visual tools and templates with you that he has developed over 15 years of trial and error.
The Mat Steinwede System has changed this nation’s real estate industry and influenced thousands of agents to perfect their processes by following the methods developed and used by one of Australia’s greatest real estate professionals.



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Jonathan Budd – 7 Figure Networker System

Name Product: Kensters – THE SIX FIGURE ALLIANCE: One-On-One Coaching &Training Program

Sale Page:

Price: $397

I’ll Personally Coach You To Six Figures Per Year From Scratch … So You Can Earn Your Place In The Six Figure Alliance

Hey there fellow Warrior,

Kenster here… and I’m guessing you’re here because you’re still dreaming of living the ‘Internet Lifestyle’, right?

You know it means a ton of money and a ton of free time made possible by a low-maintenance online business you can be proud of…

Even better, you know it could mean a lot more time with friends and family, fast cars, nice houses, exciting holidays and a chance to work on the beach drinking Pina Coladas and Mojitos until the sun goes down if the mood takes you…

It’s the freedom to live life on your terms…

It’s the ability to manage your work around your lifestyle, instead of the other way around…

And by now you might’ve even figured the Internet Lifestyle can all be yours for about Six Figures per year… That’s the big plan, isn’t it?



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