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Eric James, Stefan Ciancio, Tim Miranda – Spark CPA (Social Edition)

Name Product: Eric James, Stefan Ciancio, Tim Miranda – Spark CPA (Social Edition)

Sale Page: _http://sparkcpasocial.com/spark-cpa-sales-page-preview/

Price: $397

Regular Guy Cracks The CPA Code And Spills The Beans On His Exact $19,000 Per Month Formula…

… And the best part is, you only need $5 to get started getting traffic, making sales and building the business of your dreams! With clicks so cheap it’s impossible NOT to see ROI!

We Are Starting a CPA Revolution All About YOUR Results! Watch The Above Video For The Important Details

Finally Follow A Proven 3-Step Formula To Reach $19K Per Month Like Clockwork…

That gets you better results than anything else on the market. Stop following the other CPA courses on the market which are full of rehashed content taught by people not truly earning with CPA.

Achieve 400% ROI and beyond and all on a shoestring budget by learning from a regular guy who is out in the trenches making a killing with CPA every day working online part time.

You’re just one click away from copying Eric’s exact steps to $1000+ per day like clickwork.

Step 01
Apply our proven CPA marketing system so you can make money without ever selling a thing yourself

Step 02
Flip the traffic on starting with just $5 due to Eric’s exact secret FB ads blueprint you’ll learn inside

Step 03
Scale your profits, enjoy passive commissions completely stress-free just like Eric

It doesn’t even matter which niche you’re in!

You KNOW social traffic is blowing up right now. Everybody – from major corporations like Coca Cola to marketers like you and me – are getting involved with FB ads.



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Tim Miranda – CPA Hybrid Profits

Name Product: Tim Miranda – CPA Hybrid Profits

Sale Page: http://iamtjm.com/cpahp/

Price: $10.60

CPA Hybrid Profits reveals our strategies for using special CPA hybrid networks that have unique technology to give you maximum profits. These networks have some similarities to traditional PPC and media buy networks. However, the)’ are much more powerful and you will see why.
With traditional paid traffic networks you have to:

–    Do tedious keyword research to gather up to thousands of keywords/URLs
–    Create your own ad copy and/or banners
–    Set up third part tracking software to track your campaigns (you need to buy your own VPS and tracking software can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to set up and maintain)
–    Constantly check up on your campaigns and optimize them yourself to minimize loss and maximize profit

As you can see, running paid traffic to CPA offers with traditional paid traffic networks can be very difficult, tedious, time consuming, and costly! However, these new CPA hybrid networks make life extremely simple as the process is almost completely automated.
With CPA hybrid ad networks, the steps are much more simple:

–    Come up with 10-20 keywords (we show you exactly how and it takes under a minute)
–    Find previously made banners or create your own simple ones (we show you where to find the best banners and how to create effective banners in just minutes)
–    The CPA hybrid ad network will track and optimize your campaign for you! This allows you to set up campaigns extremely quickly, and you don’t even have to maintain your own campaigns as the ad network will maximize your profits automatically.

The best part is that you can start with as little as $10! You don’t need to build any landing pages either as this is all done through direct linking. These CPA hybrid ad networks are very smart. They know that if you are making money, then you are going to keep running traffic on their network.



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