The 3 Stages for Dazzling Pitches – Become a Master Pitcher

Jul 2, 2018
Management, Leadership
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How to amaze your audience and get what you want in under 3 hours! Presenting an idea has never been so easy.

Welcome to the day in which you’ll start your path to become a Master Presenter, in our +2,000 students community!

This course is a One-Stop-Shop for everything you’ll ever need to become a master presenter and obtain concrete results after each encounter, consistently.

The main difference that you’ll encounter with the other courses in this segment is that we take all the production nitty-gritty details into account.

After all, presentations and meetings are curated experiences-just like a movie or a theatrical play… just with different outcomes.

We cover with a holistic approach what you should take into account when crafting the presentation: the before, the meanwhile and the after.

We go from «soft» to «hard» skills: from the mindset & attitude, the body language to how to create the best slides and prepare the logistics for the food catering.

We will give you tools that create a compelling experience, allowing deep emotional connections not only with clients and teammates but also with all the stakeholders.

SALE PAGE | Price: $199

The 3 Stages for Dazzling Pitches – Become a Master Pitcher: Videos, PDFs | Size: 1.30 GB


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