The Funnel Mechanics 2015

Feb 18, 2015
Big Course
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Name Product: The Funnel Mechanics 2015 Sale Page: Price: $97

You’ll get…

Your own Blueprint. Everything you need to build a successful funnel. I’ll give you all of the worksheets, and documents you need to research, prepare and write your first mailing list. When you’re done with these you’ll be ready to start driving traffic.

My complete demo funnel! You’ll get all of my research notes, my niche mind map, all of my completed worksheets, my squeeze page AND the initial email sequence. You’ll literally be able to copy and paste my work if you want.

My Find My Niche Research Notes. See exactly what I do and what tools I use when I’m hunting for brand new niches to launch a funnel in.

My Micro Niche Validation Notes. You get my entire research notes that show how I validate whether or not a niche will make me money.

Niche Validation Spreadsheet & Template. With the empty spreadsheet and template you’ll pick and validate your own niches, and see how I picked my demo niche.

My Micro Niche Research Notes. Witness how I research a niche. See all the notes I take, and where the raw data comes from. So you’ll know how to do it too.

My Micro Niche Mind Map Template. You’ll get the complete mind map I made for my demo niche, and you can model your own off of it.

Audience Profile Template & Worksheet. I’ll show you how I turn all of the data from our research into a compelling story about my demo niche. Then you’ll get to turn around and do the same for yours.

Obstacles & Offers Spreadsheet & Template. See how I identify the obstacles that are preventing my prospects from achieving their goals, and pick the best affiliate offers to help them overcome. You can copy my process.

Squeeze Page Template & Worksheet. Get inspired by the complete squeeze page copy I wrote for my demo niche. And then write high converting copy for yours!

Email Sequence Plot Template & Worksheet. An email sequence has a lot of moving parts, and you’ll get to see how I break one down. Use this knowledge with the worksheet to build yours back up.

Completed 7 Email Sequence Template. I’m going to give you the 7 email autoresponder sequence that I wrote for the demo niche. You can have it. Use it as swipe to inspire your emails. Or copy it outright. It’s up to you!



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