TheVault Experts Summit 2 Color Coded

Name Product: TheVault Experts Summit 2 Color Coded (Transcripts – 4 PDF)

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The event took place March 23rd and 24th.
That’s a Friday and a Saturday. The event schedule was as follows:

Friday March 23rd 2012:

3PM Pacific Standard Time (U.S.A.) / 22:00 UTC
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Taomax – Muscle – Void – Ophidian

Saturday March 24th 2012:

12PM Pacific Standard Time (U.S.A.) / 19:00 UTC
Local Business Marketing
Dragonbreath – Void – Backdoor

This includes :
The IRC logs (Full Q/A) in PDF format
The IRC logs from #SEO and #local channels where additional Q&A took place



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