Sep 11, 2019
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Welcome to MFA Internal Traffic Training !

Have You Ever Been So Frustrated And Thought,“It Shouldn’t Be This Hard To Run Ads On Facebook And Make Money?”

Seriously, have you ever said to yourself

– OR –

Then this is for you.

Because… you’re right.

If you have ever felt deep down inside that running profitable traffic on Facebook that generates steady new customers shouldn’t be rocket science… well let me let you in on a secret… it’s TRUE!

I am going to take you on an eye-opening journey as I share an invaluable lesson about…

How A Man Named

“Henry And His 1930’somethig Patent” Is Actually

The Key To You Finally Ending Your Traffic Headaches & Getting All The Facebook Traffic You Ever Wanted…

I’ll also be sharing with you how when I was forced to “market or die” during a missions trip to Panama is when I finally pulled myself out of the weeds and discovered just how simple running Facebook ads profitably can be…

By the end of this brief eye-opening journey together, you’ll understand the 3 strategic errors tripping you up when it comes to running Facebook traffic today — and making what should otherwise be a very simple and lucrative part of your business into a costly, nagging one.

First, please be warned

If you’re eagerly waiting for me to reveal some elaborate new names I conjured up or phrases to describe this revolutionary breakthrough traffic tactic like… the “reverse-traffic-implosion” or “traffic-lead-ception 3.0”.

You’re not going to find anything like that here.Because I don’t have a traffic program to sell.And there is no traffic program for you to buy. And for a very good reason.

Because those elaborate costly traffic programs, well,they are the cause of your Facebook problems!


I will explain to you exactly why in just a moment…

So who am I?

My name is Damian Lanfranchi. You may recognize me as Todd Brown’s business partner and the C.O.O. of Marketing Funnel Automation.

I’ve been a successful online entrepreneur for over a decade. Scaling multiple businesses from $0 to six-figures. And six-figures to seven. I have lived, breathed and eaten Facebook advertising.

Honestly, it is a bit of an obsession.

If you find yourself slipping away from Thanksgiving dinner and hiding in a corner as you click refresh, somehow imagining that the faster you click refresh the more leads you’ll get… yes you may have a Facebook advertising obsession.

You see, to me running Facebook traffic “the right way” is like playing the stocks or even Fantasy Football. It’s like a legal way to print money. And that never gets old.



1) Get Todd Brown To Answer Your Most Important Marketing Questions Live!

For starters, you are able to get direct guidance and ask questions to Todd Brown (and myself) every single week. Imagine any and every time you are facing a major decisions about acquiring more customers, standing out in your market, nailing your Big Marketing Idea, dialing in your Unique Mechanism or just generating more sales from your offers, you can ask Todd Brown himself.

Every week you’ll be able to hop on either a live Conversion or Traffic call and get all your most pressing questions about launching grand slam marketing promotions with Todd or scaling your Facebook advertising profitably with me. Yes, I will personally look at your ads, bids, audiences and campaigns. What’s that worth to you on an ongoing basis? And how much can my experience and expertise save and make you?

Plus get on a bonus live Q&A with Todd Brown every single month. Get Todd’s personal direction on your most pressing and important decisions.


2) Custom Marketing Tracks To Accelerate Your Business Right Where You Are Today!

Also waiting for you inside A&M is something, well, it’s extraordinary…

Because one of the biggest challenges we hear from marketers at all levels is –

“I don’t know where to start? What do I need to focus on?”

Todd has made it easy for you inside A&M. No matter whether you are shooting to get your first sale or looking to scale from 6 to 7 and 8 figures and beyond…

Todd has created individual “Marketing Tracks” for you to follow. So you are not overwhelmed getting flooded with marketing strategies you don’t need today, and wasting time on stuff you already know.

Instead, you are getting the methods you need RIGHT NOW (based on where you are today) to take your business and sales to the next value. The custom Marketing Tracks waiting for you inside A&M are truly priceless!


3) You Get Todd’s Latest & Best Marketing Thinking Every Week!

Every single week inside A&M, Todd releases a new “Marketing In Action” video where he shares his very best marketing insights and strategies. Todd studies the newest and most lucrative offers out there, and shares his expert insights so you can apply the latest and best marketing strategies to boost your own campaign performance!


4) Connect With A&M Members In The Private Slack Community

We happen to be very proud of our tribe and feel well, they are some of the brightest and sharpest marketers and entrepreneurs online.

You’ll now be part of a private 24-7 community where you can leverage the collective genius of this group to help grow your business! Make alliances, get feedback, share resources, network and make like-minded friends!


5) Wait, there’s more…

Waiting for you inside A&M there are also MFA marketing tools, Todd’s private ad swipe file of multi-million dollar campaigns, a complete breakdown of the tech stack we use to run our 6 and 7 figure campaigns, the MFA marketing training archive and much much more!


6) And How About Your Own Golden Ticket Pass Worth $1,000’s?


Yes, every single month inside of A&M you’ll unlock your own Golden Ticket Pass! You will be able to cash in your passes to get the best and most popular trainings from Todd Brown and MFA FREE! I’m talking about trainings we have sold up for up to $2,000 or more…

yours absolutely FREE with your A&M Golden Ticket! Hey, membership has its privileges :o)


Now here is the very best part for you

Your membership to the new A&M academy including everything above, live access to Todd Brown, and so much more, well it is just $219 a month. That’s it.

Never again waste yor time or money buying high-ticket marketing programs…

You’ll now have the best of the best advanced marketing strategies directly from Todd Brown and MFA. Everything you need all in one place, for one ridiculously low cost.

Plus there is no contract, or obligation. You are free to leave any time, so there is no risk to you.

And when you try A&M today…

You get the entire Internal MFA Traffic Training FREE!!!

Yes, when you try A&M today, you get the same Internal MFA Traffic Training that has turned our Facebook advertising from a headache into a money maker, the same training previously only available to our high-end E5 Masterclass Students who spent $2,497, absolutely FREE!

PLUS when you try A&M today…


SALE PAGE | Price: $219



Todd Brown – MFA Internal Traffic Training.rar – 4.7 GB

(Purchase a Premium account to download with high speed)

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