Travis Ketchum – Contest Sponsor Method

Jul 11, 2015
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Many business owners come up to me and ask, “I don’t have a big budget for advertising, how am I supposed to get results like your other customers? This just seems so expensive and confusing.”

I decided that I never wanted price or complexity to be a limiting factor on who could benefit from the insane power of contests. The truth is that even many of our Fortune 500 customers are missing out on a ton of value by not correctly implementing the Contest Sponsor Method.

This unique traffic generating solution is designed for all businesses, both big and small. All the way from Solo Entrepreneurs with limited resources to Fortune 500 companies with big advertising budgets and the staff to “figure it all out”.

No matter your skill set, experience level or budget – The Contest Sponsor Method is going to have a material impact on the speed at which your business grows.

Learn the exact same model our highest performing clients are using to generate millions of hyper targeted leads on a consistent basis…
Use these strategies for your own business, or use them to over-deliver for your clients. You’ll be handing them an unfair advantage…
Get the full interview with a top client who generated over 180,000 leads on their very first contest using the Contest Sponsor Method…
Feel the power of inferred credibility from marketplace leaders as their tribe considers you a peer to the big brand they know, like and trust…
Avoid having to throw away money on ads “just to see what works”, and spend all of your time and resources on a winning campaign…

SALE PAGE | Price: $197

Travis Ketchum – Contest Sponsor Method: Videos, PDFs | Size: 472.68 MB


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