Ultimate Comment Scraper

Name Product:  Ultimate Comment Scraper

Sale Page: http://www.scrapeboxhelp.com/ultimate-comment-scraper-is-now-available-grab-it-here-at-a-discounted-price

Price: $27

This post is getting quite long and I’m sure will be pretty hard to read in blog format so I’m gonna go ahead and list the features.

  • Scrapes niche targeted comments based on your keywords. Scrape sources are Youtube, Twitter, Yahoo Questions and Answers.
  • Scrapes comments from various blog platforms such as WordPress, Blogengine, B2evolution, Drupal, and Movable type.
  • Scrapes the name or “anchor text” from the comment fields of blogs. Same blog platforms supported as above.
  • Has various filters to get rid of spammy and unwanted comments such as comments with links or comments with less than 3 words, etc.
  • Blacklist feature allows you to skip over comments that have certain words you blacklist. Great for filtering out comments with adult material or drugs.
  • Full Proxy Support – Private proxies, shared proxies and IP authenticated proxies.
  • Comments are saved in Scrapebox ready format.
  • Extremely fast multi threading


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