UpWork: Understanding and Winning the Hiring Process

Dec 20, 2017
Management, Leadership
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Learn how to use UpWork in order to start your freelancing career. Straight to the point approach.

This course was crafted in order to present UpWork Freelancing Platform in a time-saving manner.

You will get to know and see how to make a great impact and create yourself a well deserved home business or part-time along with your normal job.

I will put you in the feet of the Employer and you will see exactly how the things work from the opposite side.

This course seeks students who:

Are starting out with Freelancing
Want to know how UpWork works
They struggle getting noticed on UpWork
Want to see an Employer perspective on the platform
This is mandatory: Work on your favorite skill and make a great portfolio upon it.

SALE PAGE | Price: $50

UpWork: Understanding and Winning the Hiring Process: Videos, PDFs | Size: 82.67 MB


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