USP Breakthrough Program by Perry Marshall

Feb 24, 2020
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Name Product: USP Breakthrough Program by Perry Marshall Sale Page: _

Price: $499

You Can Continue to Overpay For Clicks, Slog It Out In Brutal Commodity Markets, Dicker with Customers Over Price and

Delivery, Lose Orders to Competitors and Fall Further Behind in the Rat Race.

But You Don’t Have To Do That Anymore.
Here’s Why.
Dear Online Marketing Professional:
When I was a young pup, soon after I discovered the crack cocaine of direct marketing, I had high hopes that killer advertising

techniques would transform my dismal Network Marketing career into success.
If I could just write a few great ads, all I’d have to do was stick money in the marketing gumball machine and get new customers

out. Watch out world, you’re about to start comin’ my way.
One of my many experiments was: “Let me find some retail customers who will just buy this stuff every month and use it.” I sat

down started writing an ad.
I forget what product it was for, some kind of household item I think, but I sat there for hours trying to write an ad that was


Couldn’t manage to do it. Nothing I came up with seemed to have any pizzazz.
Eventually I did turn out a sales letter. It got what I thought to be a dismal response, 1%.
I sent it in to one of my mentors for critique. He said, “Nobody’s lying awake at night worrying about any problem that this product

solves. Considering that, Perry, your 1% is pretty respectable.”

Fast forward 15 years and you’ve described the EXACT problem that most online businesses have on Google: You can’t write an

exciting ad about a boring product. It’s just not possible unless you LIE.
The symptom of a boring product is, you spend hours trying to think of something interesting to say and you can’t come up with

My products at the time belonged to somebody else, a big dumb company. Me-too products, not all that different from anything at

the grocery store. Because they weren’t mine, I had no power to make them more exciting.
I switched on my brain and started watching for something better, something more interesting that I could sell.
At the time I was working at a high-tech company. Fast forward a few months, and even though we were small and struggling;

even though some of our products were from other companies, we still had cool stuff of our own. I decided to start a training

course called DeviceNet Boot Camp which was unlike anything else that anyone had ever offered in our marketplace.


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