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Dec 22, 2017
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Hi, Adam Here,

As a full time Video Marketer and Trainer I’m constantly working to stay on the ‘Cutting Edge’ of YouTube Marketing and sharing that knowledge with my Students, Clients and Subscribers.

The fact is that YouTube is evolving, sometimes on a day to day basis, and all those Bogus ‘Loopholes’, ‘Tricks’ and ‘Short Term Solutions’ being marketed over and over again simply DO NOT WORK!

What every Video Marketer Really needs, are eyeballs on their content.

And then to direct those viewers to a website of their choosing

YouTube has Just thrown a Major Spanner in the works!
YouTube has added new requirements for users who link out to external sites in their videos.

Users must now join the YouTube Partner Program in order to add Youtube Cards or End Screens with external links — a common way for YouTubers to point fans toward landing pages, affiliate links, blog posts…etc.

You also need to enable your channel for monetization if you want to add links, which has further muddied the waters.

“Enabling monetization” essentially means applying to the Partnership Program, but only channels with 10,000 total public views or more can do this.

Newer folk or small channels are screwed.

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