VMAIL Pro Video Image Graphic Pack

Mar 8, 2014
IM Software
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Name Product: VMAIL Pro Video Image Graphic Pack Sale Page: http://www.pspro.co/vmail-pro-graphic-pack/ Price: $9.75

#1 Even by just inserting the word ‘VIDEO’ in an email’s subject line saw an increase of 7%-13% in overall click-through rates.
According to Experian’s Digital Marketer Benchmark and Trend Report.
#2 Video in email can increase click-through rates by as much as two times to three times.

According to David Daniels, former principal analyst at Forrester Research and current principle at Relevancy Group.

#3 In a Get Response study of 800,000 customer emails, those containing video received, on average, 5.6% higher open rates and 96.38% higher CTRs than non-video emails.

[premium] https://ausfile.com/mw922gd4mfae/Vmail_Pro_Video_Image_Graphic_Pack.rar.html

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