White Label License – Protime Responsive Theme

Aug 27, 2013
IM Software
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Name Product: White Label License – Protime Responsive Theme Sale Page: http://iguanathemes.com/protime/ Price: $45

Fellow Local Marketers

Nick Ferrara here and I’m really excited to bring you a tool that will save you time,
make your life easier and help you bank more cheques ever before!

When I started out in my offline business, I dreamt of a theme that had powerful features wih a super slick look and made things stupid simple to set up. Today I’m proud to bring you a theme that ticks all those boxes, and then some!

Wp Protime is stunning, responsive theme that makes it easier than ever to whip up professional looking websites that really wow your clients and allow you to bank those $1500+ cheques again and again.

What makes this really special is that we’ve pulled out all the stops to make the site building process quicker and smoother and ever!

Setup is done in one click and you will find a user-friendly theme options interface where you can control everything to save you hours scouring the web for relevant picture for every client, we’ve created a special niche-based featured area that looks great at the click of a button.This mean no more time wasted trying to find images that fit, you literally plug in the clients text and your good to go!

As well as that, we’ve packed in a ton of usefull features including scrolling testimonial, SEO options, integrated Google Maps on the homepage and more.

All round, this is the most attractive, professional local biz theme you’ll see on the market and without a doubt, a tool that every Local Consultant should have in their arsenal.

[premium] http://iguanathemes.com/whitedl/


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