Window to the Mind by Dr Ted Morter

Dec 1, 2014
Ebooks & Course
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Well, Window To The Mind is a comprehensive guide on how to become more successful and satisfied in life. It is all about finding the most important thing in life, inner peace. It is not a boring e-book that’s difficult to read. Everything is recorded. You just need to RELAX, listen and internalize the modules and you’ll be able to renewing your mind.

The program consists of 5 modules + bonuses, which makes it well structured. Dr Ted Morter takes you by hand and shows you exactly what to do step by step. In the first two modules he briefly mentioned the quantum physics, how to take the necessary preparations in order to be happy on a long-term basis and to understand the Law of Attraction.

SALE PAGE | Price: $197

Window to the Mind by Dr Ted Morter: Videos, PDFs | Size: 671.21 MB


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