WordPress For Beginners Easily Make a Website in 2 Hours

Apr 13, 2018
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A WordPress Beginner Guide to Making Your Own Websites Without Any Experience. Updated June 2016!

Join This Course and Learn To Use WordPress To Create Your New Website!

What is this course about?

Welcome to this online beginner course for WordPress. This complete beginner guide will teach you the necessary skills to create your web-design worthy site without any design, coding or developer skills.

You will learn:

How to Get Your own Domain Name
How to Host Your Website so it’s Live
How to Use WordPress Software
How to Create a website
How to Create + Design Pages and Blog Posts

Why pick this course over other courses?

The lessons are brand new, meaning you will have up-to-date knowledge
You will have a live, running and beautiful website at the end of the course
Aaron (the instructor) is available 24/7 to answer your questions
Its beginner friendly, not confusing, easy to follow and available on any device


1) Aaron, I’m not even sure what WordPress is, does this matter?

1) Not at all, I will be explaining what WordPress is, why you should be using it and any other information to not leave you confused.

2) Do I need anything before we start?

2) Not at all, I provide you with a materials folder.

3) Aaron, why should I trust you to teach me?

3) I take pride in to making my courses, I really care about my students learning and how they experience the course overall. I ensure all of my 3500+ students are happy, dedicating a lot of time and effort in to ensuring your learning experience is effective and enjoyable.


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WordPress For Beginners Easily Make a Website in 2 Hours: Videos, PDFs | Size: 1.4 GB


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