Write Awesome Blog Posts From Scratch – Content Marketing!

Sep 20, 2017
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Write Awesome Blog Posts From Scratch – Content Marketing!
What makes a blog post compelling? What kind of posts convert or sell? Learn how to plan, organize, and create content

Everything you wanted to know how to create an awesome blog post. We will cover the structure, the topics, different headlines, and post types you can choose from.

Learn a Method That Makes Blogging Much Easier

How to use content marketing effectively
Mastering the perfect headline
Learn the different post types and when to use them
SEO for your blog
This specific topic is used for bloggers who want to create awesome blog posts on demand, quick and easy. For online business owners who already have a blog, but want to organize their content marketing strategy and perfecting their blogging skills.

I designed this course to be easily understood by someone who just start their first blog, and who already have some blogging experience as well..

*Note that it’s not a presentation of how to build your WordPress Blog, or how to use other 3rd party blogging sites. I am talking about tcontent marketing fundamentals, blog post types, everything you need for a successful blog post, and how to organize your posts. You can use your own blog and build this knowledge in your business. I don’t show the examples on my computer, I use presentation slides.

The course contains:

23 video lectures
3 short Quizzes
Author’s Tip: Keep paper and pen handy, and take notes during the presentation, so you can review the most important information later.

People who took this course say:

“Catherine Valente: Very informative and helpful.”

“Masud Rana: very good course. very useful. thank you”

“Earl Peters: This course is very informative and really makes the material easy to understand. It also provides information that I can apply easily to my own blog and marketing efforts.”

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Write Awesome Blog Posts From Scratch – Content Marketing!: Videos, PDFs | Size:1 GB


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