Yousef Khalidi – Euro Invasion Shopify Strategy

Jun 8, 2016
Big Course
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What EuroInvasion Will Cover

Understanding The European Market

A warm up and  introduction about the European mentality and overcoming language issues

Finding A Niche

Learn how to find a local niche for a language that you don’t understand

–  Learn what global niches could sell in European countries
–  I’m going to reveal my Reverse Engineering secret! Using this you will find niches even on Jupiter!
–  Another secret i share is how to find CRAZY cheap local people who can help you with everything. I bet you’ll be amazed by how CHEAP and EASY it is!

Finding Perfect Design

Learn how to find the BEST design for your niche VERY EASILY!
–  Copyright and Trademark talk
–  Special Collection of bestselling Quotes which can be easily translated
–  Some Trusted Designers

–  A full chapter on Finding Interests for Local niches.
–  Demonstration of finding interests for 2 local niches in S**D*N ( can you guess what country that is ;P )

Creating Campaigns
–  Master Power Editor
–  Create campaigns from A-Z for local niches. I’ll use the 2 niches we found in the targeting chapter

After Ads – Reading Campaigns And Stats

What 99% of other courses skip

–  Will show you how customize your ads manager view to give you more control over stats
–  Some examples of good and bad campaigns stats

Scaling A Campaign Like A Demon

–  How to scale a campaign after a couple of sales. This is the Most important factor in Europe since targetable interests are hard to find
–  Retargeting, scaling out, scaling up, lookalikes and all the working methods to bring your campaign to the 1000 sales club

SALE PAGE | Price: $297

Yousef Khalidi – Euro Invasion Shopify Strategy: Videos, PDFs | Size: 4.02 GB


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