YouTube Thumbnails Secrets: Get more view, subscriber, earning

Jun 28, 2017
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YouTube Marketing : 10 thumbnails secrets to drive traffic and FREE tool to design a thumbnail with no graphic expertise

Why Should You Take This Course?

Do you want to increase your views on YouTube, expand the subscriber base and make more money on YouTube? Do you want to promote your business on YouTube and standout from the crowd? If the answer is YES then read on..

YouTube is probably the best platform to earn a handsome passive income and promote your business. But 90% of videos fail on YouTube because those don’t stand out from the crowd and get hidden within the huge video library of YouTube. Are you asking “then what to do?” The answer is “YouTube thumbnails and graphics which distinguishes your videos from others”.

What is covered in this course?

In this course I will reveal the YouTube thumbnail secret and make sure that your videos get more views, subscribers in turn increasing your YouTube earning.

In this video course I will take you through the exact steps by step procedure with all minute details to design thumbnail that will attract users’ attention and help in generating more revenue from your existing and new videos.

You don’t need any graphics experience and expensive software. I will take you through the free tools (you can say it’s a YouTube Thumbnail Maker or Generator) and easy methods to prepare an eye catching YouTube Thumbnail.

Most of the YouTubers are not aware about

What is the correct color of YouTube thumbnail background?
What is the correct YouTube thumbnail size or dimension?
How to upload a custom YouTube thumbnail?
After taking this course all your doubts will be clarified and you are all set to rock on YouTube!!!

Remember that

The best part is “YouTube will always send traffic to the videos those get more view and subscribers and this can only be done if your thumbnail grabs attention of users’ immediately.”

Point to note is

All the materials included in this course are absolutely free
All future lectures and tutorials absolutely free without any further charge.
You can get a full refund within 30 days and no question asked, if you didn’t like the course.
So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and start growing your YouTube business.

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